Thursday, June 26, 2008

lucy + bart manscapes

fashion landscapes from lucy mcrae + bart hess.

emily alston print

i love love love the emily alston print featured in the june 08 series from if you could. follow link to see the poster in full. i'd snatch it up in a sec if it wasn't 80 bucks. but if you have the cash, it's only available till the end of the month, so get it fast.

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hyper level

i had one of denis darzacq's pictures on my myspace "who i'd like to meet" about a year ago, but I lost the link. thankfully it's nice that just featured him again.

yay monday #27

yay monday is a weekly collection of websites, art, photography, design, and videos by chris kalani. not really sure who this kid is, but his collections make me say yay! on mondays.

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this ain't no disco

this ain't no disco . . . it's where we work is a blog about the workspace of ad agencies around the world. click here for a look at mccann erickson, london. very inspirational, yet not overwhelming space with great illustration work. looks like a work in progress like you might turn the corner and see someone adding to the walls. great idea.

Monday, June 23, 2008

it's tara's birthday!!!!!!

happy happy 25th birthday my (slowdown) darling tara! here's to 7 years of friendship and many more to come :) wish tara a happy birthday at

george carlin passed away at 71

Carlin, who had a history of heart trouble, went into St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica on Sunday afternoon complaining of chest pain and died later that evening. He had a history of heart problems. He is survived by his wife Sally Wade and daughter Kelly Carlin McCall.

In his lifetime, Carlin produced 23 comedy albums, 14 HBO specials, three books, a few TV shows and appeared in several movies, from his own comedy specials to "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" in 1989. He also won four Grammy Awards for best spoken comedy album and was nominated for five Emmys. On Tuesday, it was announced that Carlin was being awarded the 11th annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, which will be presented Nov. 10 in Washington and broadcast on PBS.

click here for more information, and i'll leave you with some Carlin classics:

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

If God had intended us not to masturbate he would've made our arms shorter.

One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor! (who knew george made this one up?!?)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

my swedish vallhund

many have you have heard this story already, but i'm still so amazed. i got my stella free in the paper in april 05. they advertised her as a terrier/chow mix. while i didn't like the sound of a chow, i had done some research and found out that most terriers are hypoallergenic (i'm crazy allergic to cats and long haired dogs). so, jenn and i drove across town and there she was, sitting in the driveway (with her evil old man owner) as cute as could be. so i snatched her up and brought her home. fastforward 30 minutes and i've got a runny nose and itchy, watery eyes. this isn't gonna work. i called the couple back to "return" her but they said no way, she was my problem now.

step one, the groomers. I dropped stella off and told them to shave her as short as possible, only to come back and find a blonde dog with a black stripe down her back! too funny, but it did the trick. no allergies! step two, the vet. i bring her in, fill out the papers "terrier/chow mix" and wait to see the doctor. first thing they said - stella's neither a terrier nor chow. they're educated guess - a chihuahua mix. okay, i can kinda see it.

so two years go by and i'm telling people she's a chihuahua mix, some mutt, no one knows what she is except adorable :) THEN! i was watching the Today show about 6 months ago and across the screen runs a little stella! i couldn't believe my eyes! they were doing a segment on new breeds recognized by the AKC. it went so fast i didn't catch the name, so at work i went online and found it.

stella is a swedish vallhund! (prnounced val-HUND) they're known as "the little cattle dog of the Vikings" and distinguished themselves over 1,000 years ago. Vallhunds were bred to herd cattle, catch vermin and guard the house - which stella does well. the breed description even says: "They are a clownish type dog and can be a show-off at times. The Swedish Vallhund is responsive and even-tempered with most people. But they can be wary of strangers and should be properly socialized and trained as a puppy as to avoid over-protective behavior as an adult." that is soooo stella - her previous owners kept her on a short leash, locked up in the house, not around many other people and to this day stella is VERY wary of strangers, especially men.

anyway, marisa sent me a few photos of stella today so i googled swedish vallhunds for fun and found a whole thread about them on a message board. one lady says: "I'd love to own [a swedish vallhund] someday, but they're so rare that we'll never be able to afford to buy one. If I ever win the lottery, we're getting one." whooooooowhat? how much is my little treasure worth? about $500 - $1000!

i also found out there is a swedish vallhund breeder in North Florida! AND i just bought an "i heart my swedish vallhund" bumper sticker! haha

Sunday, June 15, 2008

AMAZING portfolio

wow. wow. wow. i absolutley LOVE the illustration style of tosska aka evgeny parfenov of russia. above are examples of his illustration work for magazines. he also works with books, film, photography, and has lots of little projects on the side. like this gallery of old and trash glasses. a must see portfolio!

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whale flowers

this vase would look great on my new kitchen table! too bad it doesn't exist yet. as my grandmother would say out loud in the movie theater after they show a preview for a movie that doesn't come out until the next year . . . mark your calendars!

the anger machine

introducing the passive aggressive anger machine by yarisal and kublitz. insert a coin, select a piece of china then watch it fall and crash. now doesn't that make you feel better?

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pig in boots

"This is Cinders, a baby pig whose owners discovered at an early age is afraid of mud. The pig wouldn’t get anywhere near the stuff! Which is why they fitted tiny Cinders with 2 pairs of boots taken from a Paddington Bear doll that fit like a glove.”

via best week ever

what's in a name?

vh1's best week ever online has a gallery of the "the 50 best pun stores." sean and i were just trading business name stories, he's seen a curl up and dye hair salon in person, and one time in orlando i saw a sign for a tree company called stump and grind. there are a few more examples of great names if you read people's comments like hair force one salon and luna sea motel.

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doodle 4 google

google asked K-12 students to redesign the google logo. genius! the ultimate fresh look at a classic graphic. the one above is called "up in the clouds" by grace moon from california. she's in the 4 - 6 grade catergory, can you believe it! check out the whole gallery here.

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lego my wall

"As part of group art project "20 Eventi," Jan Vormann came to the village of Bocchignano, Italy, and "fixed" old, crumbling walls there … with legos!"

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something store

jacksonville confidential posted about the something store last week. basically you send in $10 to and you'll get something a few days later in the mail. no idea what it is, whether you'll need it or want it, it's just something hopefully cool and exciting. it's all about the surprise and the chance to get something for practically nothing - past somethings include the magic bullet, an ipod shuffle, nikon coolpix cameras, etc. i paid $10 last week, so i'll let you know what i get! wish me luck!

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om nom nom nom

muahahaha omnomnomnom.

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polaroid perfection

great polaroids from let's expload on flickr. every picture on their profile is so simple and perfect. tiny, gorgeous moments in time caught on the world's greatest film format. long live the polaroid.

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chair love

how cute are these chairs! i love antiques, but i'm not much for repairs. a nail here, some paint there, (that all rhymed!) but annie coggan shows great creativity patching old and new chair parts together to make new, exciting pieces. and i love how she draws attention to the patches by highlighting them with color. not to mention her adorable heart cut-out. i wonder what your thigh would like like after sitting on that one for an hour. haha.

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between tara and marisa i'm pretty spoiled when it comes to beautiful, tasty desserts. so i instantly thought of them when i came across these beauties and several others on decocentric.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

timmy got engaged!

stef also posted on some more exciting news - our friend timmy got engaged! soooo excited for him. visit stef's blog for details on the proposal. tim's old roomate and our good friend taylor jones (aka zeek) also got engaged a while back! (a picture of him and his lucky lady is below.) my friend julie from high school just got married last month, sean's bosses just got married last week, and marisa and levi are set to tie the knot in february. it must be in the air!

ansley elizabeth

our friends heidi and adam have the cutest little daughter, miss ansley elizabeth! i haven't had the pleasure of meeting her in person yet, but i try to keep up with her webscapades :) see more beautiful pictures of ansley online here.

thanks for the link stef!

wiz wharton

wiz wharton, freelance scriptwriter and reader living in east london. she's got a cute name, a cute home and how cute - her son's name is ren and their dog's name is stimpy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

texas tomato fest = bad timing

jacksonville, texas is hosting thier 24th annual tomato fest this saturday - the same week 57 salmonella outbreaks are linked to tomatoes consumed in texas and new mexico. talk about bad timing! ima put my money on this year's festival having the lowest attendance ever. good luck, texas.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

numb what?

slow motion punches

hitchcock 2008

vanity fair recreates scenes from hitchcock classics using stars of today. charlize theron (above), renee zellweger, marion cotillard, jodie foster and naomi watts.

via the ad blog

first impressions

fubiz collected 70 of the best business cards out there.

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this is just a test

if this sweater and my parrot sweater were in an awesome fight. who do you think would win?

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atchafalaya houseboat

atchafalaya houseboat: my years in the louisiana swamp, a book by gwen roland with photographs by c.c. lockwood.


"In the 1970s, Gwen Carpenter Roland was about to start work on her doctorate when she decided instead to live off the land -- and water -- in the Atchafalaya River Basin Swamp in south-central Louisiana.

With a box of crayons and the book How to Build Your Home in the Woods, Roland and her then-partner, Calvin Voisin, built a houseboat on a barge. They lived there for six years, with no electricity and no running water.

Read more, listen to the interview, see more of CC Lockwood's photographs HERE"

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eco zoo for you

very cool interactive "eco zoo" by mcann erickson. click and pull the screen to climb up the tree, when you find an animal, click on its thought bubble (if it has one) to see its pop up book. the one about an angler fish deals with turning off the lights. the one about a kangaroo deals with bringing your own bag. very smart, a must see!

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four for four

1. let's talk jenny mortsell: pencil portraits of hipster kids

2. ampersand: a blog devoted to the art of the "&"

3. line dancing zombies: kill bill meets thriller in a sonny j video

4. MTV Australia rebranding: by umeric

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zibras at the zoo

how smart are these bronx zoo ads!?!

via black eiffel

bag me? baggu!

baggu makes the cutest little reusable bags i ever did see. well, other than karen's treecycle bags for native sun.

via cool hunting

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