Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the selby: aaron rose

click here for the full tour.

underground cooking party

what a great idea! katie from color me katie wrote about an underground dinner party she was invited to. "i was told to walk around 35th st and look for a person who was learning how to cook. once found, they would give you a map to the secret location. they served a 12 course meal for 150 people!" now obviously i couldn't pull of dinner for 150, but 10 - 15 maybe?

color your food

i wish i had more time at home to do silly things like this.

via color me katie

james blunt covers young folks

via rachel kester

Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

radiohead hair

so is sean!

via ffffound

happy weekend!

mom & aunt barb are coming to jax tomorrow! we'll do lunch & some shopping, then hit up the riverside wine festival (6 - 9pm, $30, in 5pts), then jags game on sunday, and they'll stop by native sun for lunch before they head home on monday. fun fun!

image via marta v on flickr (check out her whole set!)

bob london

how cute are these drawings? check out bob london's portfolio here. i think the one of the left looks like sean. hope that doesn't make me the one on the right, eeek!

via my love for you is a stampede of horses

neawear on etsy

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklaces for sale in neawear's etsy store. hint, hint.

home office for two

we've been trying to redecorate our office/game room now that we have all the major pieces in place. i think these home offices that day-lab posted are soo cute and work well in mixed space. i'm asking for a laptop for xmas - would love to have a shared desk with sean like the top picture.

working late

i don't ever think i've seen the "sun" this late. worked till 10pm the past two nights. kinda cool to be in an empty grocery store.

Monday, November 17, 2008

design connection - nov. 20 from 6 - 9pm

DESIGN CONNECTION: Linking Designers who Care to Organizations that Serve from Karen Kurycki on Vimeo.

WHEN:Thursday, November 20, 2008 6-9 pm

WHERE:Jacksonville Main Library, 303 North Laura Street

COST:$10. All proceeds will go to the non-profits showcased.


Experience the power of design and giving! AIGA Jacksonville, the professional association for design, is blending design, giving, and business to create a meaningful impact on our community. We will discuss how design improves the worlds of non-profit, business and the lives of individuals.

Design Connection is a highly interactive event that will showcase the philanthropic works of AIGA, The Jacksonville Public Library, The Big Fun Box, Rosa Loves, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and the Jacksonville Women's Business Center to name a few.

Join members of your community to experience philanthropy, business development, and networking in a fun new way. We will talk, listen and do activities that bring home the concept we all believe in, giving.

Panel will include representatives from the following organizations:
• Big Fun Box
• Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida
• Jacksonville Public Library
• AIGA Jacksonville
• Quality Signs
• Jacksonville Women’s Business Center
• Calfee Creative Advertising

We will learn:
• Why to develop a philanthropy strategy for your business.
• How design thinking can improve your non-profit and business.
• When to leverage network connections to ignite your passions.
• Who in this community could be an alliance to further your philanthropicand business goals.
• What is the best way to build meaningful and fruitful alliances.

Who should attend:
• Business owners who believe in the power of philanthropy.
• Non-Profit leaders ready to take it to the next level.
• Designers who believe design makes a difference in community.
• Entrepreneurs ready to leverage design to grow their businesses.
• Individuals who are looking for meaningful connections in our community.

aiga: get inspired!

faces in places - best ever!

omg - best faces in places ever! if i don't make it on the site with this one, crap is rigged. i was mixing buffalo sauce and ranch for my chicken tenders and THIS appeared. looks like colonel sanders with red hair.

fun @ the jags game

despite the ridiculous loss yesterday, we had a really good time at the jags game. stef and ashley were able to come and sit with us, we saw prince AND santa, and sean got his boiled peanuts.

Friday, November 14, 2008

marisa in skirt mag this month

marisa carta of flufflife and my office mate at native sun is featured in skirt magazine this month. photo by jeanne ciasullo. this is her page up on our office photo collage. that handsome man next to her is chris, our resident IT genius.

next up in skirt mag: karen kurycki! photo shoot with jeanne.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

eye have a stye . . .

upper lid. right eye. really annoying.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the riverside artists market

city council approved the plans to host a riverside artists market under the fuller warren bridge starting spring 09. the event will be modeled after portland's very succesful Saturday Market pictured above. click here to read more details about the market on urbanjacksonville. my mom and i used to love the orlando farmer's market - while this will be more arts-focused i still just love the idea of it. especially the part where you have to be chosen to participate - keep the quality up jacksonville!

send an email to info@riversideavondale.org to receive updates on the market.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rachel getting married

sunday night sean, stef and i went to see rachel getting married. it was a true-to-life flim about a girl (anne hathaway) who gets out of rehab for the weekend to attend her sister rachel's wedding. the acting was wonderful - tears, laughing, loving, arguing, accepting, remembering. the movie was full of music, interesting characters and lots of emotion. at some parts it seemed filmed with a hand held which made it more realistic, but also sometimes a little too bumpy, blurry for me. (watch out for the dishwasher scene. p.s. that sounds dirtier than it really is.) sometimes hathaway's character is so desperate for attention, that it was almost uncomfortable to watch - but in a good way. maybe this will be hathaway's "girl interrupted" and win her an oscar!

Monday, November 10, 2008

first fridays in 5pts

went to my first, first friday last week in 5pts. all the shops were open, the beer & wine was flowing, and the atmosphere was super cool in our small community. i took pics in my favorites shops for my look-look photo assignment, had some drinks with jeff and janelle at raglands, ran into heather from tkg & friends. sean and chris o. met up with me around 8, and we ended up bringing the pups out which i think they loved. had a late dinner at sake house, then headed home.

pictured, from top to bottom:
anomoly - great selection, good prices, lovely owner :)
nest living - super cool stuff if you have the budget
clothing warehouse - vintage best & cowboy boots
violet - organic options, clothing, jewelry, candles, etc.

november artwalk

finally made it out to artwalk after a mutli-month hiatus, and had lots of fun. started at burrito gallery for dinner. the place was packed, the food was awesome, and they had the most adorable stuffed figures hanging on the wall (for sale). i also got to see tina and ollie! then we headed to the main library to check in with karen, ashley and sean t at the aiga jacksonville community outreach table. (don't miss our design connection event, nov 20!) then we all walked next door to MOCA to see the "ultra-realistic sculpture" exhibit. the full body sculptures were super impressive, felt like they were going to start talking or move the minute you looked away. then we stopped in chamblin's bookmine for a sec. i can't wait to get lost in there for a day - the thrill of the hunt! finished up with a drink at london bridge. all in all, a good night. thanks downtown jacksonville!

sign language

i saw the first sign on university last week. supposed to say deidrich i believe, loose the right letter and you've got "die rich". then i saw this "good ear" sign in jax beach. it must be a . . . sign.

shrooms or pita bread?

my neighbor's yard is covered in these. i thought they were big leaves, then weird flowers, realized they were mushrooms, but would like to believe they're little stacks of pita bread.

the cummer museum

sean and i went to the cummer museum of arts and gardens last tuesday. free from 4 - 9pm. we had fun, as you can see.

Friday, November 7, 2008

new obsession: theselby.com

sooo i'm totally obsessed with the selby, a website that showcases the homes of artists, designers, and other "cool" types in new york, la and other parts of the world. the pics above are from a feature on nicolas malleville and francesca bonato, hoteliers and perfumers at their beach hotel and perfumery in tulum and valladolid mexico. how can i make this my life?

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