Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the shadow project

the always inspiring color me katie recently traced both herself and her bf matty onto big rolls of black paper, cut out thier "shadows" and pasted them up around brooklyn. then she waited and took pictures of people as their steps lined up perfectly with the shadows. brilliant.

Monday, April 27, 2009

the new house . . .

. . . is starting to feel like home.

bold city brewery + kendrick kidd

i love the new bold city brewery taps i've been seeing around town. sean and i were at moon river last week and one of their beer selections was out with a cup over the tap, but the design looked so cool we asked the guy to move it just so we could look at the artwork. turned out it was a bold city tap and that kendrick kidd, local designer and friend, was the artist! check out the mad manatee tall boys on his blog + tons of other great work. check out the ns billboards!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's my [blog] birthday!

it's exactly one year to the day that i started posting random images, inspirations, stories and more on pointclickenjoy. i'm happy to report that since then we've upgraded to pointclickenjoy.net to save you 9 whole key strokes and have recently added a new project to the family . . . welcome seewhereyoustand.com, a collection of ground level lovelies that often go unnoticed. i hope you've enjoyed reading my ramblings as much as i've enjoyed sharing them. here's to another great year!

logo by levi!

jax beard pub night - april 28

see you there. i'll be the lady winning the best handmade facial hair bar tab.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the selby: tim soar

click here for more pics & look at that bathroom!

car troubles

my jeep . . .
driver's side rear window got busted by vandals last friday
overheated twice on my way home from work monday night
leaked out the entire gallon of anti-freeze i put in it to get home
battery was registering 14v, then 9v, 14v, then 9v

(side note: i got a new radiator less than a year ago & replaced the battery less than 4 months ago - shouldn't be having these problems! big thanks to my dad for having an extra car available for me to use this week & huge thanks to aaron aka crobar for driving me to high springs yesterday morning to get it.)

sean's truck . . .
shuts off everytime he stops or slows down
his muffler fell off on his way to work today

i guess this is the universe's way of telling us we both need new cars, NOW.

Monday, April 20, 2009

criminal mischief

friday night i scored free tickets to see david sedaris (awesome!) at the florida theatre. enter the theatre at 7:55, exit at 9:52 only to find that someone had busted out my driver's side rear window. i was parked on monroe between newnan & market, only a few blocks from the theatre. inside the car was a box full of stuff for an event i was working the next day, including a clear plexi glass cash box with several dollars in it. nothing was taken - not sure if they got scared off by someone or if they were just doing it for kicks. we waited 45 minutes on the street for jso to show up and write a report, only to find out from insurance today that I didn't really need one in this case. grrrrrreat. anyway, statefarm has already found a glass place in jax for me & they'll be coming out to my work tomorrow to repair the window for free. not too bad.

Friday, April 17, 2009


funny grandpa "enjoys" a his & hers pedicure.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

lost tribes of nyc

The Lost Tribes of New York City from Carolyn London on Vimeo.

thanks ryan!

best john mayer fan ever

thanks levi!

no, tank you!

now get back in len, st. vincent's family medicine center.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

chris gets his hair washed

How to Shampoo a Man's Head -- powered by ExpertVillage.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

risque remax

have you seen this remax commerical?? i don't know what to make of it. why is she walking around brushing her hair? if she's supposed to be picky about looks why is she wearing the most horrible outfit ever? she makes you think she's talking about dating online, but it turns out she's house shopping online, but then brings it full circle with the line "you had me at ding dong," while she caresses the door frame of a new home. it's like 30% bad directing, 30% retarded and 40% genius cause i'm posting about it for all to see.

don't laugh: i liked twilight

so i know you're supposed to make fun of people who like twilight, but we watched it last night and loved it! it reminds me of when harry potter & lord of the rings came out. i was convinced it was only for "nerds", but my friend julie and i missed a movie time and somehow she convinced me to see the first lord of the rings instead. i got so into the movie, when it ended abruptly i was pissed, not realizing that it was a trilogy since i'd been so determined not to fall into the lotr trap.

with twilight, despite a few awkward acting moments, i liked all the vampire stuff, teenage lust, flying around, etc and robert patterson is hot! if i were 10 years younger i'd be obsessed with him like i was with heath ledger in 10 things i hate about you. i can totally understand the teenage craze. i just don't want to be in the middle of it at a movie theatre. ha.

Monday, April 13, 2009

new hairs

nice and easy number 119C. $6

i <3 shrimp sauce

me, sean & chris tried out the new sushi house in murray hill on friday night. the food was good, the service was awkard - lots of fumbling, confusion, etc - but they got a ton of cool points for having the hugest shrimp sauce containers ever! yum!

Friday, April 10, 2009

bizarro world

turns out gil has been keeping track of all the crazy photoshopping going on between our friends on a blog aptly named bizarro world. see russel in the watchmen above & me kissing a copy of outside magazine with sir "kenchard" branson on the cover here.

olsen outtakes

via olsens anonymous

speaking of outside

i can't wait to get our backyard & sunroom set up.
summer bbqs and wine under the stars here we come!

i wanna be outside

via unruly-things

winner winner chicken dinner

wednesday night sean made chicken on the grill for salads. we tossed it with organic romaine lettue, corn, yellow beets, goat cheese and heriloom tomatoes. it was delicious! sean called it a "food aventure." then last night we put the remaining grilled chicken on top of our amy's organic spinach pizza. yum!

i love my family: episode 2

mullet alert!

this guy was standing behind me in the line at lowes yesterday and i could tell something was up with his hair but didnt have the courage to turn around and look right at it, then i spotted him in the parking lot. brown top that fades into a frizzy gray bottom. caught him right as the wind blew through it. i think it made it finally sink in that we're living on the westside now.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

speaking of birthdays

barbie turned 50 this year!

dueling birthdays

last friday we all went out to dueling pianos (now located inside sneakers at 9a & baymeadows) for stef & adam's birthdays. they made adam get up on stage and sang about his "itsy bitsy teeny weeny little pecker for a weenie". when they called stef up she told the guy "if you sing about my vagina i'm leaving" so he sang a little ditty about doing it "doggy style". i think we were all laughing AT the piano guys, not WITH them, but it was a good time. cold beer, good friends and a surprise visit from our friend vangie who's in town on her summer break from medical school in the philippines. stef posted about the rest of her birthday fun here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

room to live

we have also moved from a living room/dining room/kitchen combo apartment to a house with a huge living room, huge dining room and huge kitchen. i don't know what to do with myself! and i can't stop scrolling through my decorating blog roll so here are a mashup of some more pics i've bookmarked for inspiration.

sweet dreams

the first room i want to get finished in our new house is the bedroom. i want it to be bright and inviting but also super comfy and warm where you want to just curl up in the sheets. i think the rooms above have found that balance. i'm thinking we'll need new bedding & lighting (since the bedroom only has one window and it looks out to a fence post and dead tree branch. haha.) we also need to set up a some-what attractive place for the dogs to sleep in our room, that's the real challenge. any tips? maybe something that slides under the bed during the day?

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