Wednesday, April 30, 2008

get out the vote

karen kurycki one of my best friends and colleauges at the kurtis group designed these amazing "get out the vote" posters to hang alongside the artwork of the high school students involved in her first design mentoring program for aiga jacksonville. kudos to karen for all her hard work!

there will be bud

amazing parody of there will be blood by the benver droncos.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

lovely as a tree

karen sent me the link to lovely a a tree which tells you everything you need to know to be a more environmentally aware graphic designer. thanks karen!

oodle these noodles

this simple wire sculpture known as the SL 16 Noooodle helps you measure out the appropriate amount of noodles to cook based on the number of people you're feeding. plus, when you're done cooking the noodles, it doubles as a trivet!

via coolhunting

camera cuffs

at $200 this is out of my league, but super cool nevertheless. it's a fashion bracelet made out of a recycled camera lens! they're part of craig arnold's re:vision collection that came from his passion for cameras, recycling and polishing. every one is unique and handmade in adelaide austrailia from discarded camera components and reshaped with love.

new favorite artist

irana douer is an AMAZING artist that i highly recommend everyone check out. her stuff is fun, provoking, and not afraid of color. not to mention affordable! you can buy prints, wallets, pillowcases, cups and more with her beautiful ladies on them. save some for me!

Monday, April 28, 2008

giant steps

fun giant steps animation by michal levy.

via cpluv

i wawnt that - frankenstyle

limited edition print from frankenstyle.

*moving forward, if i find anything online that i want i will post it here with the title "i wawnt that" said in the tone of that fat lady eyeing the midget boat in napoleon dynamite.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

bomb it @ san marco theatre

if you're in town mother's day weekend, go see BOMB IT may 9 and 10 at 11:55 p.m. at the san marco theatre.

"the documentary explores graffiti on different continents and across languages while exposing the opposition to it and also the ideals and opinions of the artists. this comes at a pretty appropriate time for jacksonville considering the recent conversations on graffiti downtown and in its neighboring areas."

the showing is supported by levi of urbanartwarfare, a good friend and loving fiance of marisa carta - my new officemate at native sun!

but heed levi's warning . . . "we wanted to remind you to be respectful of the San Marco theatre and to not go tagging shit up after the film is over. Granted you will be totally hyped to do so…but given the nature of the film, we had a very hard time finding a theatre that would show this film so be cool, ya heard. We don’t want to have to start bustin knee caps."

via urbanjacksonville. listen to joey's podcast with levi here.

lance = broken leg

earlier this week, tony allegretti posted that lance (of lanceandtina) ended up with two breaks in his leg after agreeing to play in a local soccer tournament. with tina expecting their first little one in the next few months we wish lance and easy, speedy recovery.

photo via sarah small


sleeveface posts what they call "one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion", i just call them awesome.

juno illustration

"Turns out the opening credits were hand-made by Shadowplay Studio in LA. If you haven't seen it, check out the Juno opening sequence here and click here for behind-the-scenes photos of how it was created."

via oh joy

make my logo bigger cream

going through old emails and came across the makemylogobiggercream website. amazing. every graphic designer should see this. it's hi - larious.

married to the sea

as many of you know, stef and i are obsessed with the online comics of husband and wife team drew and natalie. she does nataliedee, he does toothpastefordinner and together they do married to the sea where they come up with dialogue to match random pictures. this one has been my desktop background for about a month now.

hint: read it to the tune of juice and gin by snoop dogg

biggest baby in the world

perez just posted about karan, a 10 month old boy in asia that is already 3 ft 2 in tall and weighs around 49 lbs! even more disturbing . . . the thing holding him is his MOM! as greg would say MAGOOGOO!

jeff koons on the roof

i just read an article in nylon about jeff koons on the roof an amazing exhibit that will be up at the Met when sean and i go to new york in august to visit my best friend jenn. soooo excited.

Jeff Koons on the Roof
April 22 - October 26, 2008
Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Ave., NY

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

french 50s60s

apartment therapy blogged about the french50s60s warehouses in california, and oh-my-god.


sean's been calling me sweetlime ever since he rewatched the darjeeling limited last week, so i've been calling him sour lemon. and then i found this picture on re-nest today of a lemon in the shape of a heart ie. a sweetlemon. thought it was perfect.

get your pollock on

make your own pollock-style masterpiece here. color changes with the click of a mouse.


i am in LOVE the illustrations of ashleyg and plan to buy atleast one from her esty store in the near future. she also has a cute blog you should check out.


so i've seen and loved this floating bookshelf from umbra before, and then i saw on poppytalk that canadian house & home featured it as a bedside table! genius!

free zune player

i won a free zune player from lostateminor - a great site for music, illustration, art, photography and more. i've never really seen or heard much about the zune player. should i be excited?


uh-dor-able via fashion is spinach

ufo house in sanjhih

photo set of an abandoned resort in taiwan by cypherone on flickr.

via cpluv

wanderlust in 3D

watch wanderlust in 3D at

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