Thursday, October 30, 2008

i voted today!

*picture updated, graphic by the urbansouth

obsessed with this song

wait a minute by estelle featuring

kanki birthday

took sean to kanki on tuesday night to celebrate his new job. somehow they heard it was his birthday (wink wink) so we got the song and dance, and a huge bowl of fried ice cream. yum!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fire people

sean went to the man man and tim fite show last night at jack rabbits and took some great pics. i think the camera sucked him in, because on his way home he stopped to take pics of these "fire people" who live down the street from us. three guys, listening to music and playing with fire in the middle of herschel st. at 1 am on a monday night. no big deal.

beth's 5th grade play

last thursday stef invited me to go with her to see beth's school's 5th grade play about the constitution. beth is the art teacher at san mateo elementary and thus did all of the set design. it looked awesome, the kids were great, remembered all their lines and sang beautifully. after the play we got a tour of the halls and beth's corner in the music portable. i'm so proud of her and admire the creativity that she's bringing to the lives of so many students. you can tell by all the drawings hanging around that the students love her too. click here for all the pics

Monday, October 27, 2008

times grill <3 me

one look at this chicken sandwich and it's easy to see how much the times grill hearts me. after only one trip, i haven't made up my mind yet, but i think i might heart it right back. stay tuned.

five points theatre + movies

the five points theatre is back in business and showing movies again! i'm so excited to have a theatre in walking distance. i've already seen nick & norah's infinite playlist (awesome!), so i guess i'll have to wait and make the trip for zack & miri on friday. has anyone been inside the renovated theatre? i can't even imagine what it looks like. when tara and i saw denali there a million years ago it was gutted with a few cocktail tables and dancer cages.

side note: it looks like denali has decided to get back together! click here for a video.

welcome home glory!

gloria is done with her tour of duty in the peace corps and back in the us of a! she got in saturday, just in time to be part of my mom's 51st bday bash in melbourne. we celebrated with red, white and blue balloons and 5 million jello shots - courtesy of tara kane. a fun night was had by all, well almost. i crashed at 11pm with a bad case of the cat allergies :(

scary movies

the happening? more like, the crappening. dumbest movie ever.

finally watched the ring. scary movie with a plot! loved it.

new fav blog - cup of jo

cup of jo is written by joanna goddard, a magazine writer in new york. the blog covers "art, photography, fashion, design, bikes and the people i love." joanna also has a relationship blog for Glamour magazine called smitten.

less pop, more fizz - justin cox photography

i posted about justin's bedroom series below. now click here to see the rest of his work.

bedroom series

"photographer justin cox always wondered what his friends looked like at bedtime. (who hasn't?) In the name of art, he found the answer: adorable and often smoochy. See more photos here."

via cup of jo

bill & maria's cat playground

how adorable is this carroll gardens, brooklyn apartment! bill and maria's "cat playground" was featured as a house tour on apartment therapy recently. click here for the full gallery and write up on the uhuru design founders' lovely home. notice the cat walkway all around the living room!

yay monday - issue #43

click here to enjoy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

vangie @ native sun!

dr. roxas stopped by native sun to see me & marisa! she's headed back to the philippines on tuesday, so catch her while you can. heard something about an appearance at wild wings tonight.

lucy, ruby & stella @ dogwood

view more pics on my flickr.

trip to ft. white, fl

sean reminds me of my dad, in a good way, in the first pic.

lomo-ha, nebraska

taken in omaha during aiga national retreat.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

jones wedding in corolla, nc

find more pics on my flickr page and holly's myspace page.

purty petals

love love love this pic from johnny foto on flickr.

vote for obama!

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