Monday, August 31, 2009

jim gets engaged

first jason schwartzman and now john krasinski!?! gah. atleast emily blunt is awesome.

aiga jax "atomic sketch" at artwalk

Join AIGA JAX this Wednesday, September 2 from 5-9pm at the Old Hayden Burns Library Downtown during Art Walk as local artists and designers sketch, paint and draw right in front of your eyes. Get a look into the process of what they go through when creating artwork from start to finish.

PLUS! You can purchase that artwork at low, low prices - $50 or less. Some may even be FREE! But it’s first-come first-serve, so get there early and bring your cash or checkbook to get that one-of-a-kind piece.

Artists include:
Varick Rosete
Ashley Hazen
Ed Hall
Jay Antablian
Jim Ward
Karen Kurycki
Katy Garrison
Nick Villalva

Thursday, August 27, 2009

dress + purse!

via le fashion

carrie's apartment

i miss sitc. always loved to see how their homes were decorated.

two animals in one

meet panda dog & buffalo dog. more here.

people of walmart

speaking of jiffy feet, just heard about the site people of walmart today, or as tara would call them "walmartians" sooooooo ridiculous-ly awesome.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the neverending polaroid project

these are from the very cool neverending polaroid project done by bob nanna of braid back in the day. each person photographed is holding a polaroid picture of someone else thus, a neverending polaroid. per the subjects, ok great calls it "a virtual who’s who of 90’s/early 2000’s indie rock." thanks for the link tara! see all the pictures here.

katy garrison

this is genius! you smart designer you.

octavio ocampo

things aren't always what they seem! i had a ppt of octavio ocampo's work emailed to me a few weeks ago. some are cheesy, but some are really interesting. take a look.

things drunk people say @ urban outfitters

i got so excited when i saw the book "things drunk people say" at urban outfitters the other day! i just wanted to shout out "my boyfriend is in this book!" haha. big thanks to katy g for getting everyone involved. photo 1 is katy's work, photos 2 & 3 are sean's and photo 4 is a karen & ashley hazen collaboration. lots more where that came from in the book. get a copy for $15.

sweet n flour

never got around to giving marisa props on her adorable spread and tasty success dishing out her homemade cupcakes at last month's first friday celebration & cupcake eating contest at anomoly in 5 pts! how adorable is her new logo, business cards & boxes!?! i must also give love to emily for hosting, and my native sun co-workers joey, meghan and labresha for competing in the contest. i have a fun bunch of friends :)

as an official correspondent for i just snap the pictures when i see them, but the real magic is in the crafty captions created by "lonnie lonnington".

"Either this kid had a friend who had a pigs nose and wore an old time bell hop hat or this tattoo artist really messed up."

Monday, August 24, 2009

3-D polaroids

great idea & execution by markus kison

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


via papertissue c/o tara

the kuryckis

how cute are the kurycki's from rochester, new york! can't wait to catch up with karen about her recent trip back home - well, actually i can wait because i know she's crazy busy and i don't want to add any more stress to her schedule, but after that all clears up, i can't wait!

joe jonas

perfect timing.

Friday, August 14, 2009

let's go camping

i want to go camping sooner than soon with sean & sleep under the stars. art by ashley g.

the ferris to my sloane

sean said this post on boner party reminded him of me, and that makes me feel awesome and lucky to have such a cool boyfriend. xoxo.

THE GUIDE TO BEING SO CHOICE aka How Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Taught me how to be an Awesome Girlfriend.

Get along with his friends if you don’t get along with his friends you are done. seriously. That is number 1. Even if you think his friends are uptight weirdos or hypochondriac freaks, HEY, he is friends with them for a reason, so cut the shit. You’ve probably got some weird and crappy friends too…

Rein him in, but only when necessary you are his girlfriend, not his mother. If he wants to sing to the city on a giant float, let him do it. He’s a big man and he can deal with the consequences. You can nicely remind him, Look, if you do that there might be trouble, but if you throw a bitch fit and give him the silent treatmeant you will look fucking retarded when he has a new girlfriend on his arm from the impressive stunts he’s pulled.

Be funny “He’s licking the glass and making obscene gestures with his hands.” simple as that.

Be confident Look, one of the reasons Ferris loved her was because she was cool and classy lady, she didn’t stress. She uttered the words and believed “He’s gonna marry me.” She probably knows if her boyfriend was running through a backyard and saw 2 girls tanning he probably would stop and say hello, but she also knows that he would spend hours of stress and risk his neck to get her out of school to just see her. Relax. You have him. He’s not going anywhere, and if he talks to other girls who the fuck cares YOU are the one he wants to marry.

Say Eloquent Shit did Sloane ever use the word “like” as much as you do in your daily conversation? No. Drop the habit that makes you seem like a dumb valley girl and trade it for stellar vocab terms like “warmth & compassion” and “devastatingly handsome.” Once you’ve mastered talking like an adult, you’ll be able to spew pearls of poetry like “The city looks so peaceful from up here…”

Pack lightly ever notice how tiny Sloane’s purse was? The bigger the purse, the lamer the girl. Its called baggage for a reason.

Be able to keep up with the boys Hey, if you’ve got cramps, take a fucking midol and strap in. You don’t ever wanna be the girlfriend who is a drag and never wants to go out. A girl who can say she cruised with the top down in a convertible, swung by the Stock Exchange, and took in a Cubs game all in one day, is sorta girl who you wanna keep around.

Look badass in a jacket with fringe

The End

by condicondi

magazine doodles

i doodle in magazines too, but no where near this awesome.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

baby's first movie

these parents took one picture every day for their baby's first year. video is set to the white stripes tune from juno - appropriate.

happy birthday grandpa!

happy 85th birthday to "funny grandpa" as my friends and i like to call him. to me, grandpa dugan is carvel ice cream with my cousin chantele, singing neil sedaka in his cadillac, playing the putting green at the golf course by my grandparents old house, the phrase "get a job" which he will yell at anyone ie. if you cut him off in traffic or tell him he's wrong about something - doesn't matter that you actually have a job, and adorable grandpa dance moves.

beard porn

added this to the beardporn blog today.

saudi arabia

found these great photos in my friend ben's facebook album "saudi arabia - reef ball project" kinda gives me that "what am i doing with my life" feeling. but i'm happy and proud of him!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tiki bottles

sooo doing this at home soon. thanks tara!


p.s. you aren't human blog post from the flickr blog cracks me up.

panty liners

just delivered to my desk: a big box o panty liners or as they like to call it in espanol, pantiprotectores suave cubierta. and no, i don't have any to spare, so don't ask.

cutting teeth

"the baby is starting to cut teeth, which raises the concern where she found scissors."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

reminder - jax beard art due aug. 29

the first ever jaxbeard art show is going to be the biggest collection of beard, mustache, side burn and all forms of facial hair art eveeeeeeeer. deets from sean's blog:

- Art must have facial hair theme
- Art is due by Saturday, August 29th
- Art can be dropped off at Bogda Gallery, 1253 McDuff Ave S
- Opening will be at the Bogda Gallery, Saturday, September 5th

now blog it, tweet it, post it, paste it. everyone spread the word and start your art!

i love summer

this video is a collection of stills from the movie 500 days of summer set to my favorite song from the film. it's called sweet dispositions by temper trap, an australian acoustic/drum band. can't help from smiling when i watch this.

Monday, August 10, 2009

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