Friday, May 23, 2008

weezer + cewebrities

three day weekend!

sean's parents are coming in this weekend for his brother mohrey's soccer tournament in jacksonville - meeting the rents! wish me luck! anyway, we'll be floating around town with them most of the weekend, but here are a few things going on that i hope to check out.


Community Community Community Festival

When: Sunday May 25, noon till 2am. 14 hours.

Where: The Pearl and the parking lot (so bike or carpool if possible)

What: A benefit show to raise money for The Springfield Community Food Garden located on north end of The Pearl's property, to collect cans and non perishable food item for Ultimate Picnic, a organization that feeds anyone that wants to eat. So come hungry for free food. There will be a bazaar/ tents/ booths set up in the parking lot for games, awareness, and workshops. There will also be tours of the community garden. Twelve bands will be playing inside The Pearl. The Pearl staff will be working serving with various drink specials.

Who: The people throwing the event are Jaxscene, Springfield Community Garden and Ultimate Picnic, with special thanks to The Pearl. The bands are Manatella, Tuffy, Wudun, Fruit Machine, Buffalo Tears, Heavy Flow, Tough Junkie, Lazerstar, Airport Factory, Helios Eye, Sharing Needles With Jesus, and America Del Sur.

Donate: Feeling charitable if you want to donate more to The Springfield Community Garden they need old or unneeded garden tools like rakes or shovels, trash cans, extra wood for building, nails, hammers, seeds and garden plants. Please don't buy anything new, the garden believes in being organic and reusing old unwanted items. I know Ultimate Picnic needs old plates, utensils, and cups. Your unwanted can goods and nonperishable food items. Once again nothing new.

Community, Community, Community set list

4:00pm wudun
4:50pm tuffy
5:40pm sharing needles with jesus
6:30pm helios eye
7:20pm airport factory
8:10pm manatella
9:00pm america del sur
9:50pm fruit machine
10:40pm buffalo tears
11:30pm heavy flow
12:20am tough junkie
1:10am lazerstar

Cost:$5 is the entry to get inside The Pearl to see the bands, all proceeds go to the community garden. You can also pay with can goods or non perishable food items. $1 off for every item. Bringing food items is encouraged. Bring extra if you feel charitable. The outside event is free.

reposted from jaxscene


Vangie's BBQ at Hannah Park on Monday

The Vangie we all know and love is moving to the Phillipines on Tuesday for Medical School. Exciting for her, but sad for us :( Her annual thing is to cook out at Hannah Park in Mayport on Memorial Day so this one will be her big send off!

Vangie says: "they'll start cooking around 630 am and it goes on ALL DAY LONG!! They suggest getting there around 9 or later...There will be food... but you can bring side items and dishes if you want! ALSO, if you want some steak, bring your own steak and our chefs will season it for you (trust me, it's delicious!)If you don't bring food, please bring some drinks (beers, alcohol, etc.) so the people who have brought food don't have to pay for alcohol."

wedding photog captures earthquake

these wedding photos captured by photographer Wang Qiang in Myanmar on May 12 as a 7.9-magnitude earthquake destroyed a 100-year old church behind this wedding party in just 10 seconds are heart breaking. government officials say over 50,000 people were killed by this earthquake, and 30,000 more are still reported missing. the 12 people at the wedding shoot were unharmed, and told cnn most of the church collapsed in just 10 seconds. how quickly life can change.


omg it IS ironic!!!!!!!!

a. how weird is it that out of a bajillion million songs on on demand, sean chose "isn't it ironic?" by alanis morissette at 1 a.m. on a tuesday night?

b. how weird is it that a. i was on my blog at that same moment and 2. i thought it was notable enough to write about it on said blog?

and 3. how freakin weird is it that alanis morissette was on the today show this morning even though she hasn't done anything lately and the first song she performed was . . . ISN'T IT IRONIC!?!?!?!


when i got in my car this a.m. the first song to shuffle on my iPod was "Price of Gas" by Bloc Party which is one of the reasons i'm crazy broke right now, followed by "Clocks" by Coldplay which I'd been staring at all morning since I was running late for work, and then "Talking Birds" by Death Cab which I didn't think had any coincidence to it, BUT! i totally watched a segment about a bird who mimics Obama's Yes We Can commercial on NBC Nightly News last night! boo yah!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

lol cat

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

never felt like this before

this is a hand dyed, hand embroidered felt boom box and cassette tape with real speakers in it so it can hook up to and play songs from an ipod. ama-za-zing. reminds me of science of sleep where fabric things can come to life. and look at her attention to detail, just amazing. you can see more felt creations by "blueblythemonster" on her flickr stream.

via automatism via notcot

six word stories

this morning a woman told me she went to a party where the hostess asked each guest to write a story in just six words and then compiled them all as a gift to her husband. she got the idea from ernest hemingway. he once wrote a story in six words and is said to have called it his best work.

"for sale: baby shoes. never worn."

who knew you could fit so much meaning in so few words? that's why he's ernest hemingway. well, back in 2006, wired magazine challenged current writers, directors, creatives, etc. to do the same. here are a few that stood out.

"Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket." - William Shatner

"Longed for him. Got him. Shit." - Margaret Atwood*

"The baby’s blood type? Human, mostly." - Orson Scott Card

"Kirby had never eaten toes before." - Kevin Smith

click here to see all the entries.

*Margaret Atwood's social science fiction novel Oryx & Crake is several hundred pages long, but was so captivating that I read it in one sitting, not a common feat for me. ask stef. anyway, if you like that sort of genre, i'd give it a read.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

isn't it ironic

it's 1 a.m. on a tuesday, but not just any tuesday. it's my boss kurtis and good friend maegan's birthday tuesday! went to lunch at sneaker's with the office to celebrate the boss man's bday round 1pm, ended up at the boss man's house playing rock band around 4 pm. i was good at bass and not exactly horrible at the drums, but still don't have the hang of that game.

anyway, had dinner with my friend tara at b.b.'s for the first time and liked the idea of it. none of the food we had wowed me, but i could see sean and i sharing a cheese plate and bottle of wine at the bar for dinner some night. he's never been there either, so we'll have to give it a try.

anyway, sean and i are still hunched over our computers at this wee hour - me blogging about nothing and loving it, him working on his good friend eric's website. going to bed soon, but sean just played "ironic" by alanis morrisette on demand and i was instantly back in my bedroom in 1996. i remember loving this video then, and just fell back in love with it now.



i really like this photo by przypadek (it means coincidence in polish), it's very eery yet peaceful, almost like a dream, but i wish i could find more information on him. anyone know of a better link?

via cp luv

inca pan illustration

inca pan's flickr

via pikland

animals on the underground

animals on the underground are made from the tube lines, stations, and junctions of the london underground. the first one was an elephant, but there are now 32 animals in all. too cute.

via it's nice that

get london reading

"Get London Reading is a campaign by Booktrust to get Londoners reading books set in London. To promote the campaign, KentLyons have created a selection of installations around London, showing extracts from books in situ. The extracts appear on pavements, windows and rubbish, as though the words have fallen from a book."

see more examples on thier flickr.

via it's nice that

thomas keeley

edgy work by thomas keeley.

will sanders

will sanders photography

via it's nice that

jean jullien

the portfolio of jean jullien is super impressive. original, thoughtful work, simple ideas so perfect i'm sure they take hours to come up with, bold colors, clean lines, ah! perfection. i also like the look of his movie the normality issue about a boy who wakes up with a paper arm.

via it's nice that

my love for you . . .

my love for you is a stampede of horses is one of the best art & illustration blogs i've seen latley. highly recommended by me, but if you'd feel more comfortable, it's also highly recommended by juxtapoz. the above is by tiffany bozic and there's lots more where that came from on my love for you. happy scrolling!

the dieline

the dieline is a cool blog about package design. i LOVE these japanese matchbooks! they also posted about some packaging by duffy & partners, whose owner/creative director joe duffy spoke at our aiga jacksonville i love design 2007 event.

via oh joy

affordable art market launched

poppytalk launched their own affordable art and paper market called paper pops. alot of things just seem to link back to etsy, but it does a great job of weeding through all the crap and showing you the goods. great source for one of a kind home decorating, birthday & holiday gifts, etc.

sandra juto

sandra juto illustration portfolio


i first saw these on buyolympia and bought one for my friend tara. hers was really cool - some story involving a train. you put the slides into the vladmaster (basically an old school viewmaster made in black aka dig out your old one from childhood and save $20) and then you play the accompanying cd soundtrack and change the frame when the chime sounds.

the experience was really cool and it all comes in beautifully designed packaging. so naturally, i bought one of my own - i got some story involving a lobster dinner and booooooring. i got jipped on mine, but i still really like the concept. and i would LOVE to have a full theatre screening in jacksonville. the vladmaster people bring all the viewers, discs and soundtracks, all we need is a big, backlit screen. any takers?? san marco theatre??

also seen on cool hunting

shooting stars

watch this behind the scenes video from ryan mcginley's breakout performance photo session for the new york times magazine featuring paul dano, julie christie, sienna miller, amy ryan, hal holbrook, casey affleck, jennifer jason leigh, seth rogan, marion cotillard, james mcavoy, michael cera, josh brolin, ellen page, tang wei, and jim sturgess.

Monday, May 19, 2008


as many of you know, i swear by dancer in the dark as one of the most amazing movies ever, so i don't know why it too me so long, but i finally downloaded "selmasongs" this morning - the movie soundtrack. happy monday to me!

Friday, May 16, 2008

mj in the morning

i'm doing some research on michael jackson (don't ask) and had forgotten about this crazy jem until now. wtf is on his face!?! it really is falling off!

funny grandpa

i don't care who you are, that shits funny.

via married to the sea

Thursday, May 15, 2008

today's special

seen on the special's board at sake house in five points . . .

geisha roll $12.95

shrimp tempura, avacado, crab, many kind fish outside, top with seaweed salad, salmon roe, ponzu sauce

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

unscrew you if you don't check out this site

i think karen first showed me this site a while back, but it just popped up on my reader and i remembered that it's officially the coolest website ever. seriously! you must click here.

new photo wall

picked up a few framed photos from my mom this weekend, decided to hang them up in the living room on the last bare wall i have. then one framed pic and nic nac after the other, and we've begun another awesome photo wall.

that goonies poster? it was designed and screenprinted by my friend sean tucker.

that bright blue plaque ? not only is it made out to "trish butsch" my mom's married name, it's awarding her for participation in "eat out often" a restaurant program in winter park, fl. start laughing with me . . . . now.

drench your brain

via cpluv

MUTO by blu

via wooster collective

harrington design

i REALLY REALLY like the work of john carlos harrington. not to be confused with our own jeff harrington. no wait, that came out wrong.

the piece above was done for goodwill industries, he's also done work for quicksilver, broad foundation, sappi and element skateboards.

via cpluv

mother's day weekend

went home to indialantic, fl for mother's day this past weekend. (that's mom at the top looking over some pottery in costa rica.) stella and i got in friday night for a nice italian dinner with mom at bella's, which led to a couple glasses of wine and wild berry cobbler at moonstruck, which led to a couple beers at foobar and a 3am bedtime. yes, my mom is that cool.

saturday a.m. we woke up slowly, had a yummy breakfast at the sun shoppe cafe (tall mocha coffee & an herb bagel with cream cheese, tomatoes and sprouts for me) and then shopped till we dropped in downtown melbourne.

i got these awesome incense matches from a soap shop for $1 a book. picked up jasmine, oriental blossom, strawberry and sandalwood packs. they don't seem to burn too long, but you can light a candle with them in one room and let the match burn down in another. good smells all around.

i also picked up this voluspa candle from a new shop called YAPA that my mom turned me on to. i became obsessed with the scent burmese rosewood, and was looking all over the store for the room diffuser, but alas, they were sold out. so i settled for this small candle tin at $9.50 for 45 hrs burn time. not bad.

sean and ruby came in that afternoon for some fun, only to find mom and i exhausted and staying off our feet. being the awesome boyfriend that he is, sean settled for a big dish of fish nachos and we all grabbed a seat to watch the savages. (great movie if you're in the mood for a depressed version of little miss sunshine.) mom crashed after that but sean and i managed to take dip in the hot tub before watching a few skits of SNL and catching the decemberists and explosions in the sky on austin city limits - which made me miss cable tremendously.

oh and ruby (sean's weimaraner) decided to meet grayce (my mom's cat) that night. an intense stare down and few manic moments later, grayce was perched safely atop the outdoor shower where she watched ruby's every move for the rest of the night.

sunday a.m. started early as we were all well rested from the evening before, but the homemade mimosas i poured quickly put us all back to sleep. sean hit the road around 3, i stayed to watch a movie with mom, burn her some promised cds and pack my bags. hit the road around 6, home in jax by 8:30.

finished off the weekend with a delicious homecooked meal from sean via his chef rocco cookbook. we had spinach salad with walnuts, feta cheese and strawberry champagne vinagarette dressing - made from scratch by yours truly! followed by fresh broiled tuna steaks, sean-made potato wedges, and a glass or three of white wine. perfection.

how was your mother's day?? tell me all about it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

britain's got talent

birds of a feather

the other day when i came home from work i noticed a comotion above my head. two small birds were trying to keep a crow out of a tiny tree in my neighbor's yard. the crow was two to three times their size, but as he would approach the tree the tiny pair of birds would dart furiously around him to try and throw him off balance. i watched for a few minutes, trying unsuccessfully to shoo the crow away, then watched as he flew into the tree and seconds later came out with a tiny blue egg in his mouth and flew away.

i was crushed. those poor parents trying to protect thier defenseless babies against a towering monster and i couldn't do anything about it. i cried a tear and went inside, only to see the crow again through my window, back for more! i grabbed my dog stella and a tall broom and rushed outside to save the day, but quickly realized they didn't need my help. i watched now as four of five small birds chased the crow all around the street, flying at him from every which way until the crow was gone.

it was so cool to watch all of these small birds of different breeds banding together to help the little bird couple. it was as if their neighbors heard them screaming and came out to help. going up against a big, mean crow because it was the right thing to do. an amazing thing to witness.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

you look great today

youlookgreattoday sells mini thumbs up cut outs (25 for $6) that you can take around with you and hold up infront of people, places and things that look great today! take a picture of the set up and send them into the website. it's that simple. it's that awsome. from the happy corp.

via coolhunting


desiree palmen and laurent la gamba (represented respectively above) are two photographers working within the idea of human camouflage. very detail oriented and time consuming work that is just mind boggling to me.

via maquette

pool party

found these pictures of a pool installation where you think you're looking into a regular pool but then people start walking below the surface and turns out it's just water flowing over a glass pane and there's a whole room underneath! i would love to see this in person, well maybe not now that I know it's all a sham.

reminds me of the two way mirrors at ripley's where they tell you to practice that old man's crazy face and little do you know people are watching you act like a tard on the other end.

via maquette

akroe installation

this environmental installation by french master √Čtienne Bardelli is captivating. it's so exciting yet serene at the same time. i feel like i could stand there and just watch them float for hours and be completley happy.

via cpluv

good ol baby toss

marisa showed me this video on the tradition of baby tossin in india. pretty redick.

rick owen jean jacket

saw this take on the jean jacket by rick owens and couldn't stop staring.

via eminor

hannah whitaker

i first learned about hannah whitaker from amy stein's blog back in march. love love loved her work, but lost the bookmark. that's why i'm so happy bloesem posted about her again today!

corners of my home

corners of my home is a great group on flickr for us nick nack collectors and minor decorators to see what everyone else is doing in their homes. loved this arrangement from daniellet. join the group and upload your corners! (limited to 4 submissions per day)

via sfgirlbybay

daniel freytag

in addition to a impresive design portfolio, daniel freytag takes some pretty amazing pictures, if you ask me.

via cpluv

evan b $20 on charmingwall

the charmingwall store has awesome, affordable art like this print called barnacles & butterflies by evan b harris for just $20. see more of his work on flickr. me likey.


perez posted on the best and worst of this year's costume institute gala at the MET this past monday night. two that caught my eye were christina ricci and vogue editor anna wintour. ditto on the meow and ferosh. loves it.

via perez

urban out(side)fitters

terrain at styler's is a new gardening/lifestyle shop in philadelphia designed by the brains behind urban outfitters ie. a fun, appealing shopping experience with $40 plants inplace of shirts. it also boasts a cafe/bar serving lunch and wknd brunch.

via apt therapy

strawberry fields forever

Moss Phlox blooming in Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu, Japan

via apt therapy

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