Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year everyone!

tonight, may you enjoy friends, loved ones, sparklers and bubbly. and when the clock strikes 12, raise your glass to a happier and healthier 2009! see you next year!

mini pug + mini eames

good laughs from apartment therapy's best of 2008 round up.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this is where we live

via wooster collective

genius! gorgeously genius!

omg. so i've seen additions to an outlet cover that will hold your cell phone while it charges (by driinn), but these "deerplugs" from nendo are so much cooler! they serve the same purpose but look fantastic doing it! now if only i could find a site that actually sells them.

via shelterrific

printable 2009 calendars

this christmas i purchased 3 different calendars from etsy via reprintable pdfs. they cost around $5 each, the seller emails you the pdf and you print as many as you'd like! i added a calendar to each of my gifts this season. the one above from littlebrownpen is the one everyone seemed to like. she also has a boy version and additional designs in her etsy shop. i also purchased a cut-out calendar from alittlehut and a photo calendar from icing prints. it's not too late to give them as new year's gifts!

free santa beards

this holiday i've found two links for free santa beards! click here to get the style above from or click here for a secret spy santa beard by keri smith.


i've been waiting for this book to come out. just bought it online for $13.67 on amazon.

the selby: tracy & michelle

i love all the collections in tracy & michelle's los angeles home.

via the selby

face cups

i found these awesome cups at an antique store near my mom's house in melborne. 12 bucks!

my xmas cactus bloomed!

*also note marisa's wood panels in the back and joey's handy ceramic work. yeah for artsy friends!

tara made dog toys

ruby's lasted all of two minutes.

Monday, December 29, 2008

i love sushi

even if i can only look at it. gorgeous work by needle noodles.

i bought a laptop!

merry christmas to me! i finally broke down and bought myself a new laptop. i grabbed this toshiba satellite with a webcam, cd/dvd rw, sd card reader, wireless, etc. off the floor at best buy for a grand total of $489! woo hoo. expect more blog posts from the wee hours of the night now that i have a computer at home.

christmas bliss

sean and i had a wonderful christmas this year! we opened stockings - his and hers. i got him nylon guys, paste magazine, a sigg bottle, etc. and he got me a feather headband (that i've worn so much this past week that it's already come unraveled!), a sun dress, an owl ornament and a diffusion filter for my nikon d50. then we opened family presents - his parents got us a tent and his sister & brother-in-law got us a camping grill! soooo excited to use them both. his grandma also sent him a B&N gift card and me a bath set from the body shop where i get my fav lotion. we've also gotten tons of great xmas cards that we hung up around the mirror at the top of the stairs. i never want to take them down. for each other - i got sean a gift certificate to inksmith & rogers, two shirts and a scarf. he got me a kodak M1033 small digital that takes HD video & the rabbit . . wine opener. haha - what were you thinking? and he even made his own wrapping paper!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

we got our ryan adams tickets!

$72 dollars later, sean and i have two tickets to see ryan adams with the cardinals at the florida theatre on march 9 (marisa's birthday!). so so so excited. hurry up and get your tickets - best available a few minutes ago was already row o in the balcony!

next up - tickets for john legend with estelle at the florida theatre feb 2 go on sale this friday!

my photo on schmap omaha

i was contacted by emma williams of schmap guides via flickr to include my photo of the delice european bakery and coffee bar in thier schmap omaha guide. i went to omaha, nebraska in may with karen, varick and jessi for the aiga national retreat and delice was one of the first places we ate at - and it was delicious! here's a link to the photo on the schmap site.

we also met ?uestlove at drastic plastic in omaha!

Friday, December 19, 2008

i love the holidays!

i spent my (very early) morning hanging snowflakes from the ceiling in both of our stores, i've been making and wrapping presents all week, and got a few store bought gifts last night. i have dinner with stef, beth and maegs tonight to exchange gifts. tomorrow i have to pick up sean's special present, then we're going to a very kaputska christmas party with stef and karen - a holiday tradition. and sunday we're acting as if it's our own little christmas since we won't be together on the 25th.

pictured: my mom and i on my first christmas

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

jake the snowflake warrior

marisa and i both had snowflake homework last night. a bunch of mine turned out like masks, but for some reason i forgot to take pictures. luckily she didn't. meet "jake the snowflake warrior" as levi so dubbed him on twitter.

happy birthday to amy & sean!

happy birthday again to amy & sean! last night we met them up at biscotti's for dessert after they had dinner at copeland's to celebrate thier joint bday - that's right, same day, two years apart. good times, cake and liquor were had by all. oh, and i made them wear bday glasses and take pictures. i love birthdays!

yummy weekend

sean and i had a very productive weekend! saturday i had a rental space meeting for aiga jacksonville, then we had lunch at zoe's, got haircuts at lockstar (with karen), watched love actually to get in the holiday mood, went to amy & gil's silly xmas gift exchange party, then got up earlyish on sunday (we gave our jags tickets to beth & co.), made belgian waffles, i finally put photos into albums, sean cleaned his office, we ran to walmart, then i painted the stairs and touched up scuffs around the house, sean hung our outdoor xmas lights and made lime rosemary chicken with asparagus, hollandaise sauce and mashed potatoes for dinner, we watched moulin rouge, i did a few crosswords puzzles and fell asleep. oh how i love a well used weekend.

haircuts @ lockstar

this saturday, me, karen AND sean all got our hairs did by carol at lockstar (on stockton in riverside, 388-7270). i went for a cut & color (blonde), karen got some sweet layers and sean trimmed up the hair, beard and stache. it was fun times and carol did an awesome job as always. i got her name from katy, who got her name from amy, who got her name from travis. so thanks everyone!

fun at work

so the top photo is of joey in his new christian roth sun goggles. he's been a big fan of the designer for years, i think this is his 5th or 6th pair. anywho, his last pair when missing after a trip to steinmart so he emailed christian roth customer service saying that he lost his beloved sun goggles, and was interested in another pair. they found his same model as before, but in blue and they had to be flown in from japan. last week they came in - free of charge with a case signed by the designer! now that's the way to foster ongoing customer loyalty. bravo christian roth!

the bottom photo is of a crabapple gifted to me by marisa. how cute! i explained to sean that i like to pronounce it cra-bapple. then he brought up ms. krabappel from the simpsons. tiny fruit = big laughs.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

jemibook is in a book

while i've only met sean's friend jem a time or two, as she recently moved to minneanapolis, i've always noticed her great sense of style. well, others noticed too because now she's in a book! it's called "what i wore today" and you can pick it up at urban outfitters. or if you have no money, just flip to page 35 and take a mental picture :) click here for more of jem's greatest hits.

via lolita


this is baby googles. click here to make your own routan baby courtesy of VW. thanks stef!

comfy, cute apt

i want to live here. looks very real, live-able, comfortable and cute. but alas, it belongs to rena tom of rare device.

freddy the fox

most adorable flickr set ever. this fox, named freddy, likes to frequent the porch of a couple living in evergreen, colorado. too cool. makes me want to get out of the city.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

happy anniversary to us!

today, december 10, is mine & sean's one year anniversary! neither of us can believe it's been a year, but i guess that says alot about how much fun we've been having. for example - our road trips to visit family, jags games, the dog park, sea world, surf expo, surprise trip to little talbot, restaurants, movies, mixed cds, sunday morning, new york + all points west, st. augustine birthday + vampire weekend, la nop birthday + leslie and the lys, antique shopping, brunch, riverside walks, jacuzzi tubs, art shows, your own apartment, our apartment, decorating our apartment, cooking at home, cheese plates, wine, camping with the dogs, monster truck jam, 80s new years eve, friend's parties, wayne & garth, cat power & joey ramone, SHRIMP FEST!, bowling, suns games, wild zero party, st pete + wedding, our first christmas tree, gossip girl, always sunny, googles, showers, dinner at matthew's, dessert at biscottis, and shantytown - where it all began.

xoxo googles

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

o christmas tree, o christmas tree

sean and i picked up a christmas tree this weekend from a small lot off hendricks. took some time, but i think we picked out the perfect one for us. it's up, decorated, and makes the house smell like christmas. we also have two presents under the tree already!

cutest std ever!

i've had marisa & levi's wedding save the date (std) on my desk forever with the intent of posting it. here it is! cutest std ever, not to mention clever - honey, nuts & oaths!

click here for thier awesome wedding website by levi

from bowling to the gutter

crazy times for chris o's birthday last monday.

*note the sign in the background

Friday, December 5, 2008

venice under water

"The recent "acqua alta" (high water) in Venice, Italy reached a depth of 5 ft, 1 in. on Monday, december 1 - the deepest flood in 22 years, and the fourth highest flood level in recent history. The water began to subside on Tuesday, while residents and tourists made their way through the city, hip-waders or not - one man even took the opportunity to ride his wakeboard through Piazza San Marco (until police stepped in). Although this flood was severe enough for the mayor to ask tourists to temporarily stay home, Venetian floods are fairly routine, several occurring every year, and residents usually take it all in stride."


Thursday, December 4, 2008

painted nails

i wish i could paint my nails as good as karen can.

image via ffffound

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