Thursday, July 30, 2009

food inc @ san marco theatre

do you buy groceries? then go see this movie.

i have been emailing with the people behind food inc and getting the movie to jax wasn't looking so good, but san marco theatre stepped up and will start screening this eye-opening flim on the food industry tomorrow! it is only here for ONE WEEK - friday, july 31 through thursday, august 6 at 7:10p & 9:00p every day - so make the time to go see it or else.


showed up at my doctor appt this morning to get a tb test so i can volunteer at camp boggy creek this summer. after and hour of waiting, doc tells me i can't get a tb test today b/c they have to take the results 2 or 3 days later - both of which fall on saturday & sunday when the office is closed - and that they should have told me that when i made the appt. grrrrrreat.

sitting at my desk, went to adjust my necklace and it broke. grrrrrrrrreat.

went to lunch with jess and sat by a guy who introduced himself as santa dan. he was wearing a "first coast santa" tshirt, a hat with the initials S.C. ie. santa clause, and kept listening in on our conversation. awkwwwwwward.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

and then there was one . . .

so, i've decided to retire pointshootenjoy (my personal photography blog) for now because i just wasn't keeping up with it like i wanted to. i thought about opening it up for submissions (like i just did for my seewhereyoustand blog) or having it be a bank of great inspiration photos from the net, but that's what i use my google reader for - and let's be honest, no one needs another ffffffound blog. can you say 1000+, sheesh. plus, for how few and far between my photo posts were i figured i could just start featuring them here, so that's the plan until further notice. until then, if you really can't get enough of my random photos, add me as a contact on flickr!

logo above was made for me by levi :)

stella face

still love this series i took of stella sneezing :) still #5 was my first photo featured as a photo of the day on fecal face back in november. it was also my first post on, which i've decided to retire, but i didn't want this to dissapear from the net, so i'm re-posting it again here to live on forever!

this old house

for my grandmother's birthday, i made her a snapfish book with a bunch of photos i took at her old house before she & grandpa moved beachside earlier this year. there are so many memories in thier old place, and i can't wait to make more at the new one! see all the pictures here.

three times a lady

sean's dog ruby is currently on her third puppy period cycle (ugh), but has an appt to get spayed tomorrow at the first coast no more homeless pets facility (yeah). i'm wishing her a safe procedure, speedy recovery, and no-fuss healing so we don't have to get her one of those sad looking head cones.

fecal face submissions

the top picture was taken of sean at the all points west festival in new york last august, the child in the car & mist was taken on the off ramp at university & 95n, and the last picture was an awkward crop from a photo shoot i did of a friend's baby. i think they match the fecal face asthetic but we'll see what they think. they seemed to like my stella pic!

**update: photo #2 was chosen as a POTD on may 17, 2009!

jax zoo & gardens

a few weekends ago, i surprised sean with tickets to the jax zoo & gardens. another surprise, i'd also coordinated chris & leah to join us! it was a super fun, beautiful, educational 5 hours walking around the zoo that ended with dinner & drinks at mossfire. all in all, a great way to spend a sunday. see the whole flickr set here.

pick your nose

back in october for russel & ashley's bday party i brought these "pick your nose cups" that i found at urban outfitters for the drinks. best party purchase ever!

eat your heart out

submit to!

in an effort to keep the fun going at a steady pace over at my other blog,, i've opened up the feed to reader submissions! next time you're taking a walk, wading in the ocean or tip toeing through a cool space, take a photo looking down at your feet so we can "see where you stand" at that very moment.

while looking ahead is imperative to walking safely, i find it's always fun to look down every once in a while! so do the same and send your submissions to OR you can upload a submission to our flickr group page.

thank you in advance for participating! let the fun begin!
pictures via nevara and camilla engman

birthday girls

this weekend, sean and i went to orlando to celebrate two family birthdays - grandma beverly (86 yrs old!) and my cousin chantele (7/25/82 - 10/13/01). we all made one of my grandma's classic recipes - pan fried chicken, spinach dip, waldorf salad, etc - floated around in the pool and watched old family videos, including the one where we hired the worst stripper ever for my grandma's 75th birthday. sean and i were actually on our way home when i realized i'd forgotten my camera, so glad we turned around because we got there just in time to watch the balloon release in chantele's memory. i miss her more and more each year.

the top picture is grandma beverly & grandpa dugan holding chantele as a baby, below is me & chantele in my sweet E.T. pool!

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