Wednesday, February 25, 2009

fifty people, one question

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

the fifty people one question project is a collaboration between crush lovely of new york and deltree of new orleans where they set up cameras in new orleans, new york, london, etc. and ask 50 people one question. in this video they ask "where do you want to wake up tomorrow?"

my answer: in melbourne with my mom, grandmother, chantele, sean, and stella. people (and pets) i love and miss all around me on a sunny, beachtown morning with nothing to do but read, lounge, listen to music, eat and relax.

where do you want to wake up tomorrow?

the selby: elisa nalin

the home of stylist elisa nalin is what i think karen's house will look like one day. belonging to a woman who is happy, fun and young at heart, it's filled with toys, art, inspiration, cool clothes, and collectibles.

via the selby

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

jax beard mt tonight at 8!

get your follicles ready for the 2nd jacksonville beardsmith society pub night starting at 8pm TONIGHT at steamworks in 5pts. $15 bar tabs up for best beard, best mustace and best handmade facial hair for all the ladies. see you there!

the rainbow connection

came across this video on the juxtapoz blog. it's one of my all time favorite songs, i used to sing it while my grandma doris played piano. it always makes me smile and think of my time with her and how great i felt when i was around her.

juxtapoz staffer zolton (same guy who gave me the free zune player) posted the video with this: "strip away the kitsch cinematography and forget for just a moment that these poignant and emotive words are coming out of the mouth of a fourteen pound pile of felt, and this song written by paul williams and kenneth ascher is actually kinda moving: a wistful musing on the delicateness of life and our eternal search as mortal beings for whatever it is that we just can’t find."

mr. james brown

via we heart it/ffffound

Sunday, February 22, 2009

boombox - 100 songs, 100 dances

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

awesome idea. awesome songs. awesome places. awesome dances.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

it's my birthday!

if you know me, you know i love birthdays! so far, my 26th has included bubbles from my googles, a yummy lemon cake from marisa (the cake stand is my present!), a huge package mailed from jenn in nyc with a monogram mug, plate and napkins from anthropologie, and a voicemail from my mom singing "you are my sunshine" that made me cry. plus lots of birthday wishes via twitter, facebook and text messages. i love all my friends and can't wait for the party friday night!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ft. white vday bday

on valentine's day, sean and i were actually in ft. white, florida to celebrate my dad's birthday which is february 15th. technically we were also in georgia, thanks to some faulty directions, but we made the most of it. stopped on the roadside to take some silly pictures. my whole dad's side of the family had come up for his birthday - grandpa & his 94yr. old sister-in-law, aunt gwen with her husband steve & son daniel, aunt susan, & uncle matt. our first stop was rum island where my dad proceeded to strip to his whitey tighties and jump in the water. wow. then some sweet antique store shopping. i found some killer cowboy boots in a feed store for $45. they're my new fav! then we stopped by the music store where my dad taught guitar lessons and had dinner at the goosenest restaurant. we stopped back by my dad's house to open presents, and i ended up taking the jeep back. (i had the convertible). we got back to jacksonville around 10 or so. sean went up to steamworks with chris and i ended up off the couch and up at eclipse with the girls. all in all it was a great way to spend vday - with family, friends and the one i love.

bear bag

coolest. sleeping bag. ever. by eiko ishizawa.

via monster munch

Monday, February 16, 2009

madame tulti pulti

via wolphin issue 5

vallhunds & cottage cheese

ran into "that other grocery store" sunday to grab a few things, and ended up finding 2 awesome things. #1 a swedish vallhund! i've never seen one other than my stella. unfortunately, this one belonged to an older woman who could barely understand me and couldn't answer any of the one million questions i had. #2 fat cottage cheese (far right). an obvious packaging error, but still hilarious.

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentine's day!

sean bought me flowers on tuesday, this morning i woke up to a steve zissou photo with a sweet handpainted note on it, and tonight we have dinner reservations. i can't wait to find out where! i gave sean his fully flared skate dvd this morning, but he'll have to wait until dinner for his other presents :)

i hope everyone has a great valentine's day weekend! xoxo

doggie diapers

ruby's "aunt flow" is back in town. grrrrreat.

i <3 your bike

check out these adorable tags that you can post to sweet bikes you see around town giving the owners props. how fun! you can get six for $5 here.

via cup of jo

switching cars

my jeep has been acting up, so my dad and i switched cars last friday (i've been driving his 1999 black sebring convertible) so he could work on the jeep himself and we could switch back this weekend when i go up to visit him for his bday. weeeelll, looks like we like each other's car better - the jeep is more country, the sebring is more city - so we're gonna switch cars! currently the sebring is a lil dusty, but nothing a full detail won't fix. i'm just excited to avoid new car payments. yeah!

karen also pointed out that this is the same car that michael drives on the office, per wikipedia: "Writer B.J. Novak explains that Michael Scott drives a Sebring because it is the most ostentatious car he can afford, opting for a convertible even though the climate in Scranton is cool even in the summer."

**UPDATE: I'm keeping the Jeep**

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

how to fight - omfg lmao

kate winslet is hot

sjp looks like a horse

now that you mention it, sarah jessica parker DOES look like a horse. at least hilary duff was able to file down her horse teeth.

book of love

sean and i submitted entries for folio weekly's book of love. the issue came out yesterday, and not too surprising, sean went for sweet and i went for funny. mine is made up of a bunch of inside jokes - some i feel the need to explain here. "where the bra goes" is where i ask sean to scratch my back. "everywhere i go, just dun nun nun nun nun" is the tune of a song i made up and sing at random - and is in no way supposed to resemble the tune of the wedding march, which his how joey read it. oh, and we both love gossip girl. xoxo.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

this is why you're fat

chris over at eharrington sent us a link to this is why you're fat, a blogroll of fatty foods from around the world. post #1 happens to be "the garbage plate" that hails from rochester, ny - karen's hometown! its "a combination of either cheeseburger, hamburger, italian sausages, steak, chicken, white or red hots, a grilled cheese sandwich, fried fish, or eggs, served on top of one or two of the following: home fries, fries, beans, and mac salad. the plate is adorned with optional mustard, onions or hot sauce." apparently her brother dan the man used to be obsessed with them. i can see the appeal, but i think it would wear off after i couldn't keep anything i used to wear on - because i got fat. (side note: dan the man is not fat).

someone needs to submit a plate from la nop!

Monday, February 9, 2009

bad logo design

the new pepsi logo stinks like butt crack.

ron via twitter

presidential snowball generator

at, created by drew of toothpaste for dinner and married to the sea, he's made a super cool presidential snowball generator where you can insert your own picture in the third frame to make it look like barack is throwing a snowball at whoever or whatever you want. here i've chose tara, stef, sean & willa. thanks for participating everyone! click here for a full gallery of all the snowball fun!

i lego new york

this makes me laugh. thanks ryan!

yay monday & everyday!

today's yay monday issue #54 features simon peplow, a great illustrator who's blog i follow. he also did that cute commerical for soyjoy. but guess, what - you can now yay everyday! chris kalani, creator of yay monday, started an online community where you can now submit things that make you go yay! and other members can comment on them, heart them, etc. posts fall under the categories of art, advertising, design, street, websites, etc. i tried to sign up, but it looks like you need to be invited to join, hmmm who can invite me?? chris, are you still reading this?? invite me!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

john legend & estelle

for my bday present to beth, i took her as my date to see john legend & estelle at the florida theatre (a great local venue, not a bad seat in the house!) on monday and as beth would say "we are so fun!" ooh, and we were also 2ft away from john legend on accident. ooh, and check out that security mullet! for the full night rundown, just read my gchat with stef from the day after.

stef: how was last night?

me: as beth would say - we're so fun!
we went to the brick and had 1.5 appetizers and 2 martini's each
then watched estelle @ fl theatre - awesome
then ran to london bridge for beers & silver strike during intermission, i won, beth got bird flu
back to fl theatre for john legend - but they wouldn't let us in the doors becaaaaause john was standing right there! waiting to make his entrance, we were like 2 ft away from him!
show was fun, but we hung out in the lobby & drank for some of it
then back to london bridge b/c i forgot my coat
then to tsi for .5 bottles of champagne and half a pbr
ate the remaining .5 appetizer on the way home

stef: haha. what a night!

beth's birthday

this past weekend we celebrated beth's 26th birthday in st. augustine. we started at the always awesome caps on the water around 5 for sunset, oysters, drinks and dinner. from there we headed into historic st. aug and checked in to our gorgeous rooms at the hilton garden inn (thanks katie!). we then set off on foot to hit up the tiny martini, which proved to be too tiny for our not so "tini" group. so, we moved on to sangria's where we ended up taking over the back room couches and chairs. then to scarlett o'hara's where we danced and drank the night away. some highlights: birthday shots, the flower guy, beth (and summer) eating the flowers karen and i bought, "you still look pretty" and the slap heard round the world, drunk lady getting kicked out of the bar, never have i ever, our "i'll have what she's having" brunch & the loooooooooong drive home. it was a fun, uncomplicated night out with the girls, i hope my bday is this fun :)

jax beard rocks!

last tuesday was sean's first pub night for the jacksonville beardsmith society, the official jacksonville, fl chapter of beard team usa that he recently started. i would say 30 - 40 people showed up, some with beards/some with respect for beards, to drink, draw and debate about the awesomeness that is facial hair.

sean took a few minutes to explain what the society is, his ideas for the jacksonville chapter and the reasoning behind beard team usa - bascially that beards used to be a sign of the elite, think presidents, doctors, etc., and now they're on the fringe of society. the goal is to create a beard-focused community and regain beard respect!

we had paper beards for people to personalize & cut out, and our friend sarah made super cool felt mustaches for the finger. i think it was a huge success for sean's first meeting and i can't wait to see who turns up for next months meeting. jax beard pub nights are the last tuesday of EVERY month at 7:30 at steamworks in 5pts/riverside. drink specials included! everyone is welcome - boys AND girls - so don't be shy. hope to see you february 24th!

click here for more pics


these past few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun & friends, so i'm just now finding the time to actually post about it. january 24 & 25 was marisa's bachelorette weekend in savannah, ga and oh what a time we had. i got a wild hair and drove up a night early to hang out with my friend kristina who moved to savannah over a year ago and has the cutest apartment behind an old key shop. we drank at hang fire, had a 3am slice from sweet melissa's, and ate breakfast at the restaurant where jenny worked when they filmed forrest gump in savannah.

the next day i went to the impressive wedding cake mansion where marisa's gaggle of gals was staying, karen and stef drove up that day & jeanne was already there. once we were all settled in, we headed over to back in the day bakery for cupcakes! the place was adorable, the food was delish, and marisa was star struck - she's a huge fan of the bakery and hopes to own a similiar set up one day. we also stopped by shop scad, a store full of scad student's artwork from tshirts and greeting cards to canvas works and jewelry. i especially liked the wolf photo pictured above.

once we got back to the mansion, marisa was already crying over the amazing cookbook her friend stephanie had compiled from recipes sent in by marisa's friends and family. then out came the mimosas, wine, snacks and gag gifts - think penis crown, penis straws and a suck for a buck apron. a quick poll, and we all decided on a ghost pub tour - surprise, surprise 5 girls from my orlando high school were in the same pub tour! how weird! our guide was a funny scad student who went to DA in jacksonville - again, how weird!

after the tour was a jumble of bars and beers that ended with half of our party at a drag show! you'll have to see it to believe it, so check out the photos & videos here. don't miss the man cankles on ursula - woof! after the show, karen and i decided to make a walk for it and wandered around savannah, pizza in hand, until we finally made it back to the mansion - last ladies home.

the next morning, stef, karen and i scooted out of the mansion to meet kristina for breakfast at firefly cafe - yum! - before we hit the road back to jax. all in all, it was a very memorable weekend! i was so happy to be able to share this special time with marisa and can't wait for the wedding!

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