Thursday, April 24, 2008

bomb it @ san marco theatre

if you're in town mother's day weekend, go see BOMB IT may 9 and 10 at 11:55 p.m. at the san marco theatre.

"the documentary explores graffiti on different continents and across languages while exposing the opposition to it and also the ideals and opinions of the artists. this comes at a pretty appropriate time for jacksonville considering the recent conversations on graffiti downtown and in its neighboring areas."

the showing is supported by levi of urbanartwarfare, a good friend and loving fiance of marisa carta - my new officemate at native sun!

but heed levi's warning . . . "we wanted to remind you to be respectful of the San Marco theatre and to not go tagging shit up after the film is over. Granted you will be totally hyped to do so…but given the nature of the film, we had a very hard time finding a theatre that would show this film so be cool, ya heard. We don’t want to have to start bustin knee caps."

via urbanjacksonville. listen to joey's podcast with levi here.

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