Friday, May 9, 2008

birds of a feather

the other day when i came home from work i noticed a comotion above my head. two small birds were trying to keep a crow out of a tiny tree in my neighbor's yard. the crow was two to three times their size, but as he would approach the tree the tiny pair of birds would dart furiously around him to try and throw him off balance. i watched for a few minutes, trying unsuccessfully to shoo the crow away, then watched as he flew into the tree and seconds later came out with a tiny blue egg in his mouth and flew away.

i was crushed. those poor parents trying to protect thier defenseless babies against a towering monster and i couldn't do anything about it. i cried a tear and went inside, only to see the crow again through my window, back for more! i grabbed my dog stella and a tall broom and rushed outside to save the day, but quickly realized they didn't need my help. i watched now as four of five small birds chased the crow all around the street, flying at him from every which way until the crow was gone.

it was so cool to watch all of these small birds of different breeds banding together to help the little bird couple. it was as if their neighbors heard them screaming and came out to help. going up against a big, mean crow because it was the right thing to do. an amazing thing to witness.


Jamber said...

Could you possibly explain this concept to MY neighbors? I'm pretty sure that if thinkgs got sticky for me, they would come in through the back door and take my tv.

But this story really is beautiful. I'm going to send it to my friend who was having a fit the other day about all of the negativity in the news. Thanks!

J. Douglas said...

Reminds of the Battle of Kruger. You know the one where the baby Wildebeest was attacked by lions and then by the crocodile and managed to get away when BMF Wildebeest Dad kicked the lions a**.

Watched a whole special on National Geo.

Sarah was like that Wildebeest going after her kid. (sorry bad comparison)

If you haven't seen that video.

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