Wednesday, May 7, 2008

pool party

found these pictures of a pool installation where you think you're looking into a regular pool but then people start walking below the surface and turns out it's just water flowing over a glass pane and there's a whole room underneath! i would love to see this in person, well maybe not now that I know it's all a sham.

reminds me of the two way mirrors at ripley's where they tell you to practice that old man's crazy face and little do you know people are watching you act like a tard on the other end.

via maquette


Jamber said...

Found this one out the hard way in St. Augustine and then I had to go through the rest of that tacky place with people snickering at me. Including my parents. Jerks.

J. Douglas said...


if you think pool is cool, check out the world's largest pool in Chile.

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