Tuesday, May 20, 2008

isn't it ironic

it's 1 a.m. on a tuesday, but not just any tuesday. it's my boss kurtis and good friend maegan's birthday tuesday! went to lunch at sneaker's with the office to celebrate the boss man's bday round 1pm, ended up at the boss man's house playing rock band around 4 pm. i was good at bass and not exactly horrible at the drums, but still don't have the hang of that game.

anyway, had dinner with my friend tara at b.b.'s for the first time and liked the idea of it. none of the food we had wowed me, but i could see sean and i sharing a cheese plate and bottle of wine at the bar for dinner some night. he's never been there either, so we'll have to give it a try.

anyway, sean and i are still hunched over our computers at this wee hour - me blogging about nothing and loving it, him working on his good friend eric's website. going to bed soon, but sean just played "ironic" by alanis morrisette on demand and i was instantly back in my bedroom in 1996. i remember loving this video then, and just fell back in love with it now.


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Mason said...

Don't ya think...

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