Tuesday, May 13, 2008

mother's day weekend

went home to indialantic, fl for mother's day this past weekend. (that's mom at the top looking over some pottery in costa rica.) stella and i got in friday night for a nice italian dinner with mom at bella's, which led to a couple glasses of wine and wild berry cobbler at moonstruck, which led to a couple beers at foobar and a 3am bedtime. yes, my mom is that cool.

saturday a.m. we woke up slowly, had a yummy breakfast at the sun shoppe cafe (tall mocha coffee & an herb bagel with cream cheese, tomatoes and sprouts for me) and then shopped till we dropped in downtown melbourne.

i got these awesome incense matches from a soap shop for $1 a book. picked up jasmine, oriental blossom, strawberry and sandalwood packs. they don't seem to burn too long, but you can light a candle with them in one room and let the match burn down in another. good smells all around.

i also picked up this voluspa candle from a new shop called YAPA that my mom turned me on to. i became obsessed with the scent burmese rosewood, and was looking all over the store for the room diffuser, but alas, they were sold out. so i settled for this small candle tin at $9.50 for 45 hrs burn time. not bad.

sean and ruby came in that afternoon for some fun, only to find mom and i exhausted and staying off our feet. being the awesome boyfriend that he is, sean settled for a big dish of fish nachos and we all grabbed a seat to watch the savages. (great movie if you're in the mood for a depressed version of little miss sunshine.) mom crashed after that but sean and i managed to take dip in the hot tub before watching a few skits of SNL and catching the decemberists and explosions in the sky on austin city limits - which made me miss cable tremendously.

oh and ruby (sean's weimaraner) decided to meet grayce (my mom's cat) that night. an intense stare down and few manic moments later, grayce was perched safely atop the outdoor shower where she watched ruby's every move for the rest of the night.

sunday a.m. started early as we were all well rested from the evening before, but the homemade mimosas i poured quickly put us all back to sleep. sean hit the road around 3, i stayed to watch a movie with mom, burn her some promised cds and pack my bags. hit the road around 6, home in jax by 8:30.

finished off the weekend with a delicious homecooked meal from sean via his chef rocco cookbook. we had spinach salad with walnuts, feta cheese and strawberry champagne vinagarette dressing - made from scratch by yours truly! followed by fresh broiled tuna steaks, sean-made potato wedges, and a glass or three of white wine. perfection.

how was your mother's day?? tell me all about it!

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