Friday, May 23, 2008

omg it IS ironic!!!!!!!!

a. how weird is it that out of a bajillion million songs on on demand, sean chose "isn't it ironic?" by alanis morissette at 1 a.m. on a tuesday night?

b. how weird is it that a. i was on my blog at that same moment and 2. i thought it was notable enough to write about it on said blog?

and 3. how freakin weird is it that alanis morissette was on the today show this morning even though she hasn't done anything lately and the first song she performed was . . . ISN'T IT IRONIC!?!?!?!


when i got in my car this a.m. the first song to shuffle on my iPod was "Price of Gas" by Bloc Party which is one of the reasons i'm crazy broke right now, followed by "Clocks" by Coldplay which I'd been staring at all morning since I was running late for work, and then "Talking Birds" by Death Cab which I didn't think had any coincidence to it, BUT! i totally watched a segment about a bird who mimics Obama's Yes We Can commercial on NBC Nightly News last night! boo yah!


Vangie said...

That's kind of amazing

sarah said...

even more amazing!?! sean's boss just got married and it rained on his wedding day. no lie. isn't it ironic?

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