Friday, May 23, 2008

three day weekend!

sean's parents are coming in this weekend for his brother mohrey's soccer tournament in jacksonville - meeting the rents! wish me luck! anyway, we'll be floating around town with them most of the weekend, but here are a few things going on that i hope to check out.


Community Community Community Festival

When: Sunday May 25, noon till 2am. 14 hours.

Where: The Pearl and the parking lot (so bike or carpool if possible)

What: A benefit show to raise money for The Springfield Community Food Garden located on north end of The Pearl's property, to collect cans and non perishable food item for Ultimate Picnic, a organization that feeds anyone that wants to eat. So come hungry for free food. There will be a bazaar/ tents/ booths set up in the parking lot for games, awareness, and workshops. There will also be tours of the community garden. Twelve bands will be playing inside The Pearl. The Pearl staff will be working serving with various drink specials.

Who: The people throwing the event are Jaxscene, Springfield Community Garden and Ultimate Picnic, with special thanks to The Pearl. The bands are Manatella, Tuffy, Wudun, Fruit Machine, Buffalo Tears, Heavy Flow, Tough Junkie, Lazerstar, Airport Factory, Helios Eye, Sharing Needles With Jesus, and America Del Sur.

Donate: Feeling charitable if you want to donate more to The Springfield Community Garden they need old or unneeded garden tools like rakes or shovels, trash cans, extra wood for building, nails, hammers, seeds and garden plants. Please don't buy anything new, the garden believes in being organic and reusing old unwanted items. I know Ultimate Picnic needs old plates, utensils, and cups. Your unwanted can goods and nonperishable food items. Once again nothing new.

Community, Community, Community set list

4:00pm wudun
4:50pm tuffy
5:40pm sharing needles with jesus
6:30pm helios eye
7:20pm airport factory
8:10pm manatella
9:00pm america del sur
9:50pm fruit machine
10:40pm buffalo tears
11:30pm heavy flow
12:20am tough junkie
1:10am lazerstar

Cost:$5 is the entry to get inside The Pearl to see the bands, all proceeds go to the community garden. You can also pay with can goods or non perishable food items. $1 off for every item. Bringing food items is encouraged. Bring extra if you feel charitable. The outside event is free.

reposted from jaxscene


Vangie's BBQ at Hannah Park on Monday

The Vangie we all know and love is moving to the Phillipines on Tuesday for Medical School. Exciting for her, but sad for us :( Her annual thing is to cook out at Hannah Park in Mayport on Memorial Day so this one will be her big send off!

Vangie says: "they'll start cooking around 630 am and it goes on ALL DAY LONG!! They suggest getting there around 9 or later...There will be food... but you can bring side items and dishes if you want! ALSO, if you want some steak, bring your own steak and our chefs will season it for you (trust me, it's delicious!)If you don't bring food, please bring some drinks (beers, alcohol, etc.) so the people who have brought food don't have to pay for alcohol."

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Vangie said...

Aww! I didn't even see this! I'm soo excited you're coming!! YAY!!! Can't wait to see you :) xoxoxo

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