Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i first saw these on buyolympia and bought one for my friend tara. hers was really cool - some story involving a train. you put the slides into the vladmaster (basically an old school viewmaster made in black aka dig out your old one from childhood and save $20) and then you play the accompanying cd soundtrack and change the frame when the chime sounds.

the experience was really cool and it all comes in beautifully designed packaging. so naturally, i bought one of my own - i got some story involving a lobster dinner and booooooring. i got jipped on mine, but i still really like the concept. and i would LOVE to have a full theatre screening in jacksonville. the vladmaster people bring all the viewers, discs and soundtracks, all we need is a big, backlit screen. any takers?? san marco theatre??

also seen on cool hunting

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