Monday, June 2, 2008


soooo, in omaha this past weekend for the 2008 aiga national leadership retreat, we ended up at a bar called the french underground which had a foosball table. as many of you know, i have a love for the foos. i also have a table in my house, but i never get to play it as i live alone. anyway, in omaha i started playing with torrey from aiga indianapolis and we were killing it! winning 5 - 0. then he stepped out and michael from aiga memphis stepped in and we killed it too! we were winning game after game until the deadly duo: marlon from honolulu and tim from birmingham.

2.17 minutes of foos was uploaded from that night. and where does it start? right before the streak-breaking goal shot from tim that kicked me off the table. figures! haha. either way i had tons of fun and made some great friends that night.

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