Monday, June 9, 2008

happy birthday week!

i recently introduced sean to the concept of "birthday week" vs. birthday day. basically, the first few days of the week you constantly remind your friend that it will be his or her birthday later that week. you can do this by saying "happy birthday week!" every time he or she answers the phone, or by screaming "happy birthday week!"as you pop out from behind the refrigerator just as the birthday boy or girl comes back in the house after walking their weimaraner. (based on my experience, i wouldn't suggest that second idea.) then you start celebrating on the day of thier birth (in sean's case, a thursday) and keep celebrating that day of birth until the week is through. see below.

on thursday i woke sean up with a suprise. get your mind right! it was a card and t-shirt. then marisa and i suprised him for lunch. we took him and his co-worker samantha to paco's in jacksonville beach. that night me, sean, and sean tucker went to the jax food fight thanks to event sponsors and awesome friends the chris(es) from station four! it was alot of fun, alot of food, alot of drinks and alot of people. including a man wearing a colander as a hat. when we got home i gave sean the rest of his presents. get your mind right! it was another t-shirt, a "wreck this journal" book and a framed john vanderslice gig poster by jeff matz.

friday we both had to work, but friday night i took my boy out for a nice dinner at 1171, a new fine dining restaurant in murray hill. we split the seared scallop appetizer and started with a blueberry martini for me and a mojito-style margarita for sean. next up a glass of conundrum and the shrimp and scallop linguini for me, and a gin and tonic and the duck entree for sean. ooh and the dessert! it was a homemade chocolate mousse cake with white chocolate shavings on top and a cookie crust. melts in your mouth! after dinner we headed up to first friday's in five points to meet up with "the hippies" at raglands. then moved over to kickback's for some photo hunt action. the team: me, sean, joey and tiffany. the score: #1 champion!

saturday we woke up slowly, had some cereal, and bummed around the house. then we hit up anomaly for baby clothes and got lunch at hovan. from there sean went on to "boys night" and i went on to beth sweet's baby shower! it was so good to see beth & tina - both pregnant and ready to pop - our hosts melanie & john, and the entire sweet family! after the shower, we met back up with sean and the boys, called a few friends, and all went bowling!

sunday we watched a story on alanis morrisette on cbs sunday morning (ironic i'm telling you!), took showers, and got lunch at firehouse subs. that's when the magic started :) i had tiffany meet us at firehouse. sean doesn't really think anything of it. (this might have been due to the awkward "customer service" we got, or more tiffany got. you'll have to ask her.) but then when we go to leave, tiffany gets in the car with us. now sean knows something is up, but what? we start driving down 95 for about 45 min until i turn off at the st. augustine exit. i had a whole surprise day planned! we started at the conch house for reggae sundays. russel, katie, sean, eric, chris l, and ashley all surprised sean there. then we moved to the sunset grille where karen, katie and greg joined the surprise. and next up . . . the vampire weekend concert at cafe 11! the show has been sold out for months, but i managed to buy 10 tickets the day they went on sale and i'm so glad i did. the show was awesome! lots of fun, cheap beer, good friends, got my vinyl signed, ran into emily and adam from anomaly, made memories, you know.
so there you have it. a birthday week done right :) but be careful - birthday weeks often lead to a loss of money, loss of brain cells, loss of sleep and in some cases a loss of friends after constant mass emails and waaay too many plans :) thanks to everyone who came out!

click here to see all the pics from this weekend.

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