Tuesday, July 15, 2008

all new hot bar at native sun

i just had the BEST lunch at native sun. thier all new new hot bar is delish, and the lunch menu today was asian. it's all mix and match for $8.99/lb (or $6.99/lb every wednesday in july!) so it's super affordable - my total is always between $4 - $6. anyway, today i had veggie fried rice with brown grain rice and big chunks of veggies, a couple pieces of the sweet and sour tofu, and a scoop of the broccoli with cashews. grand total . . . . $ 6. 55, well $5.31 with my employee discount :)

lemme know if you wanna come have lunch with me some day! i work at the baymeadows and 9A store. visit nativesunjax.com to see what menus are running each day.

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