Friday, July 25, 2008

amy ploss @ west elm!

get your amy ploss original at! congratulations amy!

NEW "steps" Limited edition $89

The spiral staircase of a St. Augustine lighthouse is captured by photographer Amy J. Ploss.

Silver-finished wood frame, under glass.29.5" x 21. 5

Originally from Corry, Pennsylvania, Amy J. Ploss graduate cum laude from Savannah College of Art and Design's B.F.A. program in Photography. After graduation, Ploss moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where she now works with one of Florida's top commercial photographers, Paul Figura. With a successful career in commercial photography and a love for the fine arts, Amy has been able to refine her skills by performing intensive post-production retouches and innovative shooting styles.

via westelm


Anonymous said...

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I like the painting good pic

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