Monday, September 8, 2008

i hate MTV

sooo, i didn't watch the 2008 MTV Movie Awards last night because i physically couldn't. every thing i saw in the first 20 minutes was too freaking stupid.

a. britney spears and her nappy extensions, gum chewing, and big ups for god, winning award after award for a music video that's probably not even her really singing.
b. russell brand - worst excuse for a show host ever! he was basically just a commentator, rambling on about what had just happened - um yeah, thanks captain obvious, and that's only in the 2 sec when you could even understand him, then he dissed the jo bros promise rings and included a joke about peeing on teenage fans in his "apology."
c. lil wayne doing his entire performance topless and with his pants well below his ass. i'm sorry but you have all the money in the world for clothes and stylists and you decide it's better to just perform without a shirt and showing your cotton boxer briefs. have some respect. you just look like a spolied punk crawling around on the stage. effing embarassment to the industry - jay z would never do that and i can't believe MTV let you get away with that. ratings down the drain.
d. why the hell was paris hilton even there? flailing to find her cue cards like the idiot she is.
e. lindsay lohan circa the restaurant scene in flashdance, can't afford the back to her shirt.
f. the VMAs used to be this huge show, red carpet, preshow, no doubt, madonna, justin, etc. now you've got paramore, pink, kid rock. what a reliable dissapointment you've become mtv.

not to mention the hills. people really watch this shit?

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