Monday, November 10, 2008

november artwalk

finally made it out to artwalk after a mutli-month hiatus, and had lots of fun. started at burrito gallery for dinner. the place was packed, the food was awesome, and they had the most adorable stuffed figures hanging on the wall (for sale). i also got to see tina and ollie! then we headed to the main library to check in with karen, ashley and sean t at the aiga jacksonville community outreach table. (don't miss our design connection event, nov 20!) then we all walked next door to MOCA to see the "ultra-realistic sculpture" exhibit. the full body sculptures were super impressive, felt like they were going to start talking or move the minute you looked away. then we stopped in chamblin's bookmine for a sec. i can't wait to get lost in there for a day - the thrill of the hunt! finished up with a drink at london bridge. all in all, a good night. thanks downtown jacksonville!

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