Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rachel getting married

sunday night sean, stef and i went to see rachel getting married. it was a true-to-life flim about a girl (anne hathaway) who gets out of rehab for the weekend to attend her sister rachel's wedding. the acting was wonderful - tears, laughing, loving, arguing, accepting, remembering. the movie was full of music, interesting characters and lots of emotion. at some parts it seemed filmed with a hand held which made it more realistic, but also sometimes a little too bumpy, blurry for me. (watch out for the dishwasher scene. p.s. that sounds dirtier than it really is.) sometimes hathaway's character is so desperate for attention, that it was almost uncomfortable to watch - but in a good way. maybe this will be hathaway's "girl interrupted" and win her an oscar!


SCORWIN said...

i had to comment on this movie. i'm not a sophisticated movie watcher like sarah and sean by any means. i don't watch movies to appreciate them as art. i watch them to escape my world and let my brain rest. perhaps this is why i was disturbed by the realness and anguish of this movie. i can't say i hated the movie. but it made me feel terrible inside.

next time, lets see madagascar 2.

sarah said...

muahaha. madagascar 2 it is!

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