Friday, February 13, 2009

switching cars

my jeep has been acting up, so my dad and i switched cars last friday (i've been driving his 1999 black sebring convertible) so he could work on the jeep himself and we could switch back this weekend when i go up to visit him for his bday. weeeelll, looks like we like each other's car better - the jeep is more country, the sebring is more city - so we're gonna switch cars! currently the sebring is a lil dusty, but nothing a full detail won't fix. i'm just excited to avoid new car payments. yeah!

karen also pointed out that this is the same car that michael drives on the office, per wikipedia: "Writer B.J. Novak explains that Michael Scott drives a Sebring because it is the most ostentatious car he can afford, opting for a convertible even though the climate in Scranton is cool even in the summer."

**UPDATE: I'm keeping the Jeep**

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