Friday, March 27, 2009

things i dislike very strongly

1. pumping gas
every time i pump gas, it feels like one of the following happens: a. you pull up, get out your debit card, get out of the car, pop the gas lid, turn around to get the pump and there's a big out of order sign you missed driving up; b. you start pumping gas only to realize the pump is going about 20 cents per minute, and after waiting 5 minutes you only have 1 gallon in the tank, so you get frustrated and give up only to go to another station where it happens all over again; or c. you start pumping gas only to realize you've picked the pump with the "sensitive handle", the one where you have to spend 5 minutes trying to find the sweet spot so it won't click off everytime you squeeze it.

2. bad food service
after convincing marisa to come out for a quick lunch with us at broadway pizza on the southside where they have a 10 minutes or less express lunch menu, we sit down around 11:18 and order our food. simple meals, nothing made to order. not only do the people who ordered after us get their salads first, the waitress comes by and says "sorry about the wait, but i have some good news. your [marisa's] cannoli will be on the house". umm, that doesn't really help joey or i, but thanks. after seeing our food sit on a tray in the kitchen for t10 minutes, it finally comes out around 11:58 - 40 minutes after we sat down. we ask for the manager. joey points out that we're on our lunch break and now have to scarf down our food, their supposed promise of a 10 minute lunch was missed by a long shot, and now our food is cold. we end up with the whole meal comped, and i up my water to a diet coke. yeah, we got a free meal but a lunch break is supposed to help you de-stress from work, not piss you off to the point where you come back to work and blog about it for 20 minutes because you're still ticked off.

can't wait for my date tonight with sean. hoping it involves wine.

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TRON said...

U forgot...nasty a$$ pump handles, people who force u to listen their crappy music by not turning the radio off, & that youve got a better chance of hitting it big on a vegas slot machine than getting the pump to stop dead on the dollar... $20.01 = Epic Fail.

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