Tuesday, May 5, 2009

kings of leon + the walkmen

sean and i went to see kings of leon + the walkmen at the st. augustine ampitheatre last night & it. was. awesome. the crowd wasn't too packed so we were able to scoot down a few rows and sit with karen, tiffany, sean & amy in ROW D! the walkmen set started out a little shaky since their frontman was caught in traffic "behind a 400 lb walrus", but he made it just in time to pull off a good two song finale. then the sun went down and the lights came up for kings of leon. they played a straight set of great songs and seemed geniunely thankful for where they are today saying "i used to paint houses and now look at this" referring to the sea of fans. all in all it was a great show & after two concerts in four days at the st. aug ampitheatre its my new favorite venue. hope they keep up with adding newer acts to the lineup. check out the killer kol posters sean tucker did for the ampitheatre staff & a video clip of use somebody from last night.

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