Monday, July 27, 2009

birthday girls

this weekend, sean and i went to orlando to celebrate two family birthdays - grandma beverly (86 yrs old!) and my cousin chantele (7/25/82 - 10/13/01). we all made one of my grandma's classic recipes - pan fried chicken, spinach dip, waldorf salad, etc - floated around in the pool and watched old family videos, including the one where we hired the worst stripper ever for my grandma's 75th birthday. sean and i were actually on our way home when i realized i'd forgotten my camera, so glad we turned around because we got there just in time to watch the balloon release in chantele's memory. i miss her more and more each year.

the top picture is grandma beverly & grandpa dugan holding chantele as a baby, below is me & chantele in my sweet E.T. pool!

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