Wednesday, August 5, 2009

julie & julia

went to see a free advance screening of julie & julia last night with stef, marisa & joey and love love loved it! it was so adorable, about women doing what they love for their own joy and no one elses. it deals with relationships, self determination, trial & error and personal accomplishment. plus there was also a ton of yummy looking dishes and lots of martinis and wine. i had pom vodka & water on the rocks when i got home! haha

also, for some reason the movie reminded me a lot of me & sean, even though he's the cook & i'm the blogger in our scenario. i think it was more the dynamic of the relationships between both women & their husbands. lots of honesty, support, laughter and love. reminded me how lucky i am to have such a great guy to come home to. <3

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