Monday, September 7, 2009

amy <3 gil - wedding shower

in addition to uh-dor-able invites, amy & gil also had a super fun wedding shower last saturday! i started my day shopping for bicycles (post on that later!) then grabbed breakfast at the fox in avondale w/ sean & joey. while waiting for a table sean's all "hey look, amy and gil!" which prompted me to do a 360 only to find no amy or gil in sight. then he pointed out a picture of them right at the entrance - they had posed with their fox coffee mugs during the engagement photo shoot & the owners posted the picture. cute cute.

that afternoon, i went to see amy & gil in person at their wedding shower hosted at the paul figura studio where amy works. there was tons of food, friends and "aunties" when i arrived. after all the presents were opened and all the "adults" had left, out came the beer & bras! we played flip cup to our heart's desire while amy & gil tried on the lingerie pieces she scored earlier in the day. the white boy shorts w/ rainbow hearts - aka the one's gil is wearing - were from me :) see pictures of all the shower shenanigans here. congrats to them! can't wait for the bachelor/bachelorette weekend in savannah & the wedding to follow!

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