Thursday, March 25, 2010

why do i have so much stuff?

sooo the house we've been renting will soon be for sale. live there while it's on the market, extend lease a few months or get out now? so many choices, none of them ours. just have to wait and see - which is not my strong point. i'm more of a "let's go home and pack right now" kind of girl. why delay the inevitable? if i can't keep it, i don't want it.

i was initially devestated when we found out we had to move from our adorable rental, but now i'm excited to find a new place we can decorate & make our own. that's the funnest part for me anyway. what neighborhood will we be in? what color is the house? how many rooms? is there a porch or garden? so many possibilities.

but the packing, my god the packing! how did i get so much stuff!?! 27 years young and i already have enough to fill a whole house on my own, not to mention all of sean's stuff. before we move i need to look at every single thing i own and ask "do i need this? did i use/wear this within the past 12 months? would i care if this went missing?" if the answer is no - it's gone.

fun times are ahead, but until then i just have to wait. and try not to start packing.

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