Monday, June 14, 2010

cat-astrophe on crescent st.

friday night we found this mama cat with one kitten outside our house. saturday morning, same mama but with four kittens - all hiding under my car. we HAD to be somewhere by 9:30am so we turned on the car & shooed them all away, or so we thought :( i backed up slowly, but one of the kittens must have been hiding up in a tire well or something. sean said he's never seen me that upset - i was/am devastated. he burried it in the side yard when we got home.

if that wasn't horrible enough! this morning, we saw the mama cat by sean's car. before we left i got down on my hands and knees and looked all under the car and didn't see anything. but when sean turned his car on - the mama cat came running out from under the car, she must have been in the engine. she was limping, her arm either burnt or cut :( i got a big box & a towel to try and get her to a vet but she ran under our neighbor's house. PLUS - she knocked a belt out of sean's engine! who knows how we're going to fix that.

so we're in this horrible situation with an injured mama under one house and three hungry kittens under another and we can't find anyone to come out and get them. animal care & protective services only rents out traps that we have to set ourselves. guh, what to do???

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