Monday, June 14, 2010

update on the kitties!

came home and found all three kittens laying around the side of the house, but no sign of the injured mama - we'll keep a look out. neighbor behind us said he saw a guy pull up in a truck last week and dump all the cats in the empty lot next to us, can you believe some people!?! we brought the kitties into the porch and gave them some milk, but i'm deathly allergic to cats, our dog ruby would not calm down, they all had fleas, etc. luckily, our next door neighbors LOVE cats and have taken them in until they get bigger or find a good home. thank god for them! (also, it turned out to be the president of jama who i already knew, small world) it's a solution for now :)

if you or anyone you know wants a kitten, please let us know asap. they're all free to good homes!

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