Monday, July 5, 2010

weekend fun: twitter edition


@katygarrison: It's a beautiful day for a saltwater pool with @kelmac and @pointshootenjoy

@kelmac: My buzz is wearing off. Where are my peeps with the alcohol?!!! Pool party in Springfield!!!! Dm if u want in! :)

@kelmac: Bottle of tequila...gone. Champagne, check. Beer, check. Strawberries, check. Pool party in Springfield, check. Gonna be a good night..

@averagejim: Aaaand @kelmac barely walking, check; @katygarrison is a velociraptor, check; @pointshootenjoy 's drink is in the pool, check; yep poolparty

@russelq: @kelmac @colberding @averagejim @pointshootenjoy @katygarrison, Whathefugguys?! You're drowning yer sorrows? Cos u miss me? Thas ok I guess.

@kelmac: @averagejim I'd like to clarify: I could walk, just not necessarily in a straight line at the time. Lol :)

@colberding: Pool party in Springfield. Glad that I came late these people are drunk. Especially garrison.

@clockout: was a good night for it too “@katygarrison: It's a beautiful day for a saltwater pool with @kelmac and @pointshootenjoy”


@CMYKaren: @jackdiablo party in st. nicholas on the river at 6. text me if you want the address. @jaxbeard @pointshootenjoy and co. will be there.

@jackdiablo: @CMYKaren oh cool. I'm going to that BBQ at Orsay so I'll see them there.

@katygarrison: Backyard BBQ. Happy 4th errrybody! — at Orsay

@averagejim: Sitting at the end of a dock along the river with the Jax skyline in the distance.. This is nice.

@katygarrison: Three awesome views from @chrislahey's. Have a safe night kids!

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