Monday, October 18, 2010

blasts from the past

sooo two old memories have come full circle today & i love it!

1. when i was in elementary school my friend alison loved this one book so i took it home, crossed out the "this book belongs to shenandoah elementary" stamp and gave it to her at her birthday party. when her mom realized, she told my mom and i had to bring it back to school and apologize. haha - what a klepto! but every time i tell this story i always say "it was some book about spaghetti, i can't remember the name" and then i see that jemibook has posted a video of the children's book called "strega nona" and its totally THE book my story is about!

2. in 2003 or 2004 karen, erin, gloria and i went to nyc for my birthday and had a blast. on our way home there was a super long layover so the four of us - along with another girl on her way from ny to jax - went in search of an aiport bar and we found one that was offering $2 shots w/ every beer! we drank A LOT & ended up daring each other to kiss some dude sitting at the bar - weird, i know. anyway - today sean tells me his co-worker amber was going through old photos and it turns out SHE WAS THE OTHER GIRL! now that i think about it she totally matches the memory in my head of the girl we met - small, cute, redhead, super nice and bubbly. what a small world! i have got to see these pictures asap!

1 comment:

Karen said...

I did NOT make out with that dude. But I definitely have blackmail pictures of y'all doing it! hahaha Such a small world. I love this story.

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