Thursday, February 24, 2011

sean & sarah: the proposal

saturday morning on my 28th birthday sean made french toast, we did some stuff around the house, i ran a few errands and grabbed lunch w/ sean's cousin & then left for my hair appt at hawthorn. i called sean after & he said i wasn't allowed to come home yet . . . so i went to intuition ale works to celebrate amber's birthday with a HUGE beer. whoops! got texts from sean wondering where i was, so i headed home.

when i arrived at home he was standing on the porch w/ a nice shirt & tie, our pups and a bottle of champagne. before he let me in the house he said "i redecorated a little." at first i thought, ooh! maybe he bought a new coffee table like we've been talking about? then i saw all of the photos & banners he'd hung around the living room and burst into happy tears almost immediately.

cry, smile, kiss, cry, smile, kiss. sean said something about "normally you'd go to a special place to do this, but we don't really have a special place. then i thought, all of these (pointing to the pics of us together, on vacation, etc) are our special places" and next thing i knew i was saying yes and the ring was on my finger! and what a ring it is :) i'm obsessed!!

after we calmed down, sean said "if anyone asks, i got down on one knee" and i said "oh uh uh" took off the ring and made him ask me again proper style. (i said yes.) we called our parents, out of town friends, etc. i told my mom not to tell my dad b/c i would see him the next day and wanted to surprise him! then we started getting ready for our dinner reservation at orsay before we met up with friends at dos gatos. little did i know . . .

as we were walking back to our table at orsay the hostess got on her headset and said "we're in the hallway." i was like "wait. what? who is she talking to? what's going on?!" i started crying even before they opened the double doors to the private dining room where sean had organized a special dinner w/ his parents, sister & cousin, my parents, aunt & grandfather, and five of my best girlfriends & their boyfriends!

i had just talked to several of these people, including my mom who i told not to say anything to my dad - turns out he was standing right next to her when i called! i was SO excited to have all of these people i love in one room on such an amazing and memorable night. i'm still so impressed with sean's planning and thoughtfulness in putting all of this together for me. apparently he'd had the ring since october & asked both of my parents for their blessing months or weeks in advance! needless to say, i'm a very happy & lucky girl! i love sean more each day & i can't wait to be mrs. sarah collins!!

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Jemibook said...

This is so awesome. It was bound to happen one day, you guys are just too good together!

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