Thursday, March 3, 2011

parenthood on nbc

sean & i are obsessed with parenthood. this week's episode made my cry A LOT, but i loved every minute of it because it's such an emotionally honest portrayal of family, love and real life. it's also very well-written & well-rounded touching on love, divorce, illness, race, cheating, new relationships, old relationships, children, parents, siblings, careers, etc. can't say enough about it, but if you don't already watch it, start now!


Jeannie from said...

I love Parenthood too. It's among the best shows on television. (Also: The Good Wife). It is everything you said, and more. I watch it faithfully on my laptop, earbuds in, no distractions. Gosh, they hit it right on every note.

(Hi, I Iive in Jax, too. At the beach :-) )

sarah said...

Thanks for the comment Jeannie! I haven't gotten into the Good Wife yet, but I'll give it a watch :)

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