Monday, August 15, 2011

new life, new house

the owners of the home we've been renting for over two years finally found buyers, which means it's time for us to go. luckily we found a super cute little bungalow right around the corner that will be perfect for our next stage in life, ie. saving money for a wedding, house and kids. looking back, i feel like the goldilocks of houses as we've gone from small to big to just right.


2nd floor of a house


full house + yard work


small house + yardwork

looking forward to making this new place our own. planning to paint, sell a lot of furniture and go for a simple, light and airy style. less stress, more fun!

1 comment:

Jemibook said...

congrats on the new place! I hope that you will post wedding stuff and keep us all updated on your life!

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