Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Perfect Cheeseburger

Like Joanna Goddard, I too was not a huge fan of burgers in the beginning. I mean, I would have one here or there growing up, but then I became a vegetarian during college and even after I came back to the "dark side" still usually preferred a grilled chicken sandwich - until Sean gave me a bite of his cheeseburger from Ted Peter's Famous Smoked Fish Restaurant in South Pasadena, FL. I was still a vegetarian at the time, but I think I ended up eating about half of it because it was sooooo good.

I've searched for the elusive "awesome burger" since then and only recently realized that to me a good burger is all about the ratio of burger to bread to toppings. The trifecta has to be balanced; Too much of any one thing throws the whole dynamic off kilter. I've found only a few places in Jacksonville where I would go back specifically for the burger - Cruiser's Grill, Five Guys and Johnny Angel's. Sean keeps saying I have to try Colonel Mustard's. Any other local recommendations?

Below are two burgers from Martha Stewart Living, which one looks good to you? Where are your favorite places to grab a burger in Florida?


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