Tuesday, July 1, 2008

double feature

i finally saw sex in the city this weekend with my mom! (sorry stef! i didn't want to miss it in the theatres. i will happily see it again with you when you return!) as a big sitc fan, i can't say enough how much i loved this movie. it picked up right where the girls left off and answered all of the questions after season 6. will big and carrie get married? how's married life for miranda and steve? how's adopted motherhood for charlotte? is samantha really gonna last in a monogamous relationship? you'll have to see the movie and find out. i laughed hard, i cried harder. and loved jennifer hudson's character :) i say more movies please! i want to see what happens next!

if you haven't already, check out carrie's macbook. very cool application, looks like you're sitting at her computer! check her emails, see photos, etc.

my mom and i also saw wanted. good 'ol summer blockbuster - shoot 'em up, non-stop action, plot twists, edge of your seat fight scenes, squeamish blood moments, angelina jolie (hot, hot, hot), and grrrrrrrrrrreat special effects. a must see, if you like that sort of thing.


Ken Panganiban said...

Hey! I also saw "Wanted" this past weekend. Good stuff, I enjoyed it - somewhat like "Shoot 'Em Up", but not quite as mindless or over-the-top. Both movies were fun to watch though!

J. Douglas said...

Sawry to be a downer...

I didn't see SITC, but saw "Wanted." Wanted my money back. Felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards.

What was most disturbing was the ending. I can see whackjobs like the kids that shot up Columbine finding "inspiration" from this movie. Ordinary kid finds himself becoming an assassin and blows away strangers. Great message for the disturbed youth of America.

I'm not sqeamish about the blood and guts, but the plot behind the "random" killings really bothered me.

Oh, and Angelina Jolie was extremely hot.

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