Tuesday, July 1, 2008

high springs

a few weeks ago, sean and i drove up to high springs to visit my dad for the day. before we left, sean ran ruby on the skateboard to get some of her energy out. when i came to pick him up, the first thing i saw was a big red arm. one the first lap around the neighborhood when ruby's going about 30 mph, a small dog ran out from someone's yard after ruby. she got distracted, turned and sean went flying over her on the to pavement. the stupid dog owner's offered sean a bandaid - a bandaid?!? look at this thing! keep your effin dog on a leash if it's not trained.

being the trooper that he is, sean still went with me :) we had a nice lunch at the renovated great outdoors cafe with my dad and his gf cindy. then we walked to a few local art shops and antique stores where sean found us some mcdonald's classic black rayban goggles. we had to scratch the old mcdonald's moon off the lens, but they're just the like the ones they sell at urban outfitters for $15 except we got ours for $5.

1 comment:

Jeanne Ciasullo said...

should of left the moon!

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