Thursday, December 11, 2008

jemibook is in a book

while i've only met sean's friend jem a time or two, as she recently moved to minneanapolis, i've always noticed her great sense of style. well, others noticed too because now she's in a book! it's called "what i wore today" and you can pick it up at urban outfitters. or if you have no money, just flip to page 35 and take a mental picture :) click here for more of jem's greatest hits.

via lolita


Hi! said...

you are super sweet.
I didn't flip through the whole book, but I found out from other friend's who went and checked out the book, that some of my outfits are also in the book! The book is pretty great like a 'fruits' for the rest of people who aren't into bright colors and extravagant outfits. Lots of fodder for creating your own outfits.

sarah said...

i saw the book yesterday in urban outfitters! page 35 :)

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