Tuesday, December 16, 2008

fun at work

so the top photo is of joey in his new christian roth sun goggles. he's been a big fan of the designer for years, i think this is his 5th or 6th pair. anywho, his last pair when missing after a trip to steinmart so he emailed christian roth customer service saying that he lost his beloved sun goggles, and was interested in another pair. they found his same model as before, but in blue and they had to be flown in from japan. last week they came in - free of charge with a case signed by the designer! now that's the way to foster ongoing customer loyalty. bravo christian roth!

the bottom photo is of a crabapple gifted to me by marisa. how cute! i explained to sean that i like to pronounce it cra-bapple. then he brought up ms. krabappel from the simpsons. tiny fruit = big laughs.

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