Wednesday, February 4, 2009

beth's birthday

this past weekend we celebrated beth's 26th birthday in st. augustine. we started at the always awesome caps on the water around 5 for sunset, oysters, drinks and dinner. from there we headed into historic st. aug and checked in to our gorgeous rooms at the hilton garden inn (thanks katie!). we then set off on foot to hit up the tiny martini, which proved to be too tiny for our not so "tini" group. so, we moved on to sangria's where we ended up taking over the back room couches and chairs. then to scarlett o'hara's where we danced and drank the night away. some highlights: birthday shots, the flower guy, beth (and summer) eating the flowers karen and i bought, "you still look pretty" and the slap heard round the world, drunk lady getting kicked out of the bar, never have i ever, our "i'll have what she's having" brunch & the loooooooooong drive home. it was a fun, uncomplicated night out with the girls, i hope my bday is this fun :)

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