Wednesday, February 4, 2009

john legend & estelle

for my bday present to beth, i took her as my date to see john legend & estelle at the florida theatre (a great local venue, not a bad seat in the house!) on monday and as beth would say "we are so fun!" ooh, and we were also 2ft away from john legend on accident. ooh, and check out that security mullet! for the full night rundown, just read my gchat with stef from the day after.

stef: how was last night?

me: as beth would say - we're so fun!
we went to the brick and had 1.5 appetizers and 2 martini's each
then watched estelle @ fl theatre - awesome
then ran to london bridge for beers & silver strike during intermission, i won, beth got bird flu
back to fl theatre for john legend - but they wouldn't let us in the doors becaaaaause john was standing right there! waiting to make his entrance, we were like 2 ft away from him!
show was fun, but we hung out in the lobby & drank for some of it
then back to london bridge b/c i forgot my coat
then to tsi for .5 bottles of champagne and half a pbr
ate the remaining .5 appetizer on the way home

stef: haha. what a night!

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