Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ft. white vday bday

on valentine's day, sean and i were actually in ft. white, florida to celebrate my dad's birthday which is february 15th. technically we were also in georgia, thanks to some faulty directions, but we made the most of it. stopped on the roadside to take some silly pictures. my whole dad's side of the family had come up for his birthday - grandpa & his 94yr. old sister-in-law, aunt gwen with her husband steve & son daniel, aunt susan, & uncle matt. our first stop was rum island where my dad proceeded to strip to his whitey tighties and jump in the water. wow. then some sweet antique store shopping. i found some killer cowboy boots in a feed store for $45. they're my new fav! then we stopped by the music store where my dad taught guitar lessons and had dinner at the goosenest restaurant. we stopped back by my dad's house to open presents, and i ended up taking the jeep back. (i had the convertible). we got back to jacksonville around 10 or so. sean went up to steamworks with chris and i ended up off the couch and up at eclipse with the girls. all in all it was a great way to spend vday - with family, friends and the one i love.

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