Monday, April 20, 2009

criminal mischief

friday night i scored free tickets to see david sedaris (awesome!) at the florida theatre. enter the theatre at 7:55, exit at 9:52 only to find that someone had busted out my driver's side rear window. i was parked on monroe between newnan & market, only a few blocks from the theatre. inside the car was a box full of stuff for an event i was working the next day, including a clear plexi glass cash box with several dollars in it. nothing was taken - not sure if they got scared off by someone or if they were just doing it for kicks. we waited 45 minutes on the street for jso to show up and write a report, only to find out from insurance today that I didn't really need one in this case. grrrrrreat. anyway, statefarm has already found a glass place in jax for me & they'll be coming out to my work tomorrow to repair the window for free. not too bad.

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