Wednesday, April 22, 2009

car troubles

my jeep . . .
driver's side rear window got busted by vandals last friday
overheated twice on my way home from work monday night
leaked out the entire gallon of anti-freeze i put in it to get home
battery was registering 14v, then 9v, 14v, then 9v

(side note: i got a new radiator less than a year ago & replaced the battery less than 4 months ago - shouldn't be having these problems! big thanks to my dad for having an extra car available for me to use this week & huge thanks to aaron aka crobar for driving me to high springs yesterday morning to get it.)

sean's truck . . .
shuts off everytime he stops or slows down
his muffler fell off on his way to work today

i guess this is the universe's way of telling us we both need new cars, NOW.


Anthony said...

Just a note:
With anti-freeze leaking be careful you didn't blow a head gasket. Usually if all your anti-freeze leaked, but it's not on your driveway it means head gasket.Another way you can check is by looking at your oil and make sure it still looks like oil and not some watery sludge

sarah said...

nopa, it's all in my driveway & the street. seems to all drain out right after i stop.

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