Friday, October 2, 2009

hemingway cats

ernest hemingway loved him some cats. if you visit the hemingway home & museum in key west you will still find it roaming with "hemingway cats" that boast an extra toe - a sort of cat thumb if you will. i always thought, aww how cute - come to find out it's a result of kitty incest in a small town.

anywho, i was lucky enough to own a hemingway cat growing up - his name was bubba and he hated me b/c i would always make him dance with me hand in hand, or hold a pencil, or other funny things only a cat with thumbs could do. he was an awesome cat and now rests in the backyard of our old house in orlando. xoxo.

p.s. you know how your stripper name is supposedly the name of your first pet & the first street you lived on, well bubba was the first pet i really remember having so that makes my stripper name "bubba massachusetts" haah. zexy ain't it?

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